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20 Delicious Weight Loss Foods

Just discovered this awesome list of weight loss foods you might want to consider integrating into your personal diet so as to seriously upgrade not only the healthy foods you’re consuming but also work on your weight management:

20 Delicious Weight Loss Foods You Are Avoiding

1. Hummus

Several years ago you could not find hummus at my local market. Now, it is available in many varieties. Of course, you can make your own hummus. Food Network’s Ina Garden has a delicious hummus recipe. Hummus is mashed chickpeas. Loaded with nutrients, ½ cup is 204 calories. It is a great food for weight management.
2. Couscous

My son learned to write cursive using couscous. His kindergarten teacher poured the fine granules into a pan and with a move of his finger, he was writing his name. But, I digress; couscous is much more than a teaching prop. It is a wholesome product of durum wheat. When steamed, it becomes a delicious addition to your weight loss menu. one cup equals 176 calories.
3. Kale

Many people don’t like to eat green food. Give kale a try. It is dense with nutrients, almost like the fountain of youth in leaf form. Kale is great juiced with other fruits and vegetables. One cup of Kale is 33 calories.
4. Avocados

Once thought a no-no for losing weight, new studies show that the healthy fats in avocados actually promote weight loss. Like kale, it is great juiced with other fruits and vegetables. ½ cup is 120 calories.

5. Spelt Berries

Spelt Berries are not really berries, but a whole grain. They are of the durum wheat family, originating in the Near East thousands of years ago. The chewy, nut like texture is anything but boring. The most common use (that I know of) for spelt berries is Ezekiel Bread. Find the recipe at Bobs Red Mill…

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