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2016 Fitness Trackers

fitbitThere are many fitness trackers available in the market right now. A lot of people have finally began to embrace these gadgets and have started using them as a means of keeping fit and staying healthy. Which are some of the popular lifestyle trackers in 2016?

Fitbit Charge HR

Anyone who has even a little bit of information about fitness trackers must have probably heard about or come across the Fitbit Charge HR. One of the most popular lifestyle trackers in 2016, this gadget has iOS, Android and Windows phone compatibility. When fully charged the battery can last up to five days. It also enables Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The Fitbit Charge HR is able to automatically detect exercises such as running and cycling. It has an improved pulse tracking ability which gives you an option of setting tougher weekly fitness targets. This tracker also has a screen, an altimeter and a pulse counter to tell you how much calories you’ve burned during your fitness exercises. The app is wonderful and the gadget’s strap makes it a comfortable wrist piece. It comes in a sleek and discreet design, a perfect fit for many people who use trackers to monitor their health. Fitbit Charge HR is definitely one of the most popular fitness trackers in 2016. The gadget retails at about $175.

Microsoft Band 2

This is an excellent combination of a step counter and a great exercising companion. It is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. When fully charged, the battery lasts for about two days. With Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and a better screen than the initial Microsoft Band, this upgraded version is clearly a much superior product. It has eleven sensors including skin temperature, ambient light and UV sensors. It’s ideal for tracking sleep, running, the gym, cycling and many other outdoor fitness activities. It also retails for about $175 on Amazon.

Jawbone UP2

One thing that conspicuously stands out about this fitness tracker is that it’s very light and comfortable. The Jawbone UP2 is compatible with Android and iOS, has a Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and a long battery life of about 10 days. It does not really do much but if you want to monitor the quality of your sleep and count your steps then it might just as well serve the purpose. This fitness tracking gadget is also very affordable and retails for about $54 on Amazon.

UA Band

This fitness tracker is as a result of a joint venture between HTC and Under Armour (UA). It is very sleek and has great functionality. The tracker’s screen is sensitive to touch while the gadget itself has a waterproofing of 2ATM. It also has Bluetooth connectivity and a battery life of 5 days. The UA Band is slightly expensive but nevertheless a wonderful gadget.

There are still other fitness trackers like Garmin Vivofit 2 and Withings Activite Pop that fitness enthusiast use. The above are some of the most popular lifestyle trackers for 2016. Most people prefer them because of the improved functionality and great design. With constant innovation, others are bound to appear in the market.