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3 Worst Exercises for Female Fat-Loss

by Joey Atlas, M.S., Exercise Physiology, Womens’ Body Enhancement Specialist

Any woman who is trying to lose weight has either tried the exercise route – or knows at some point she may have no choice but to try it.

However – while this sounds logical, there is a big problem most people are not aware of… Let me explain:

We all know at least one person who has tried, and failed, by deciding to exercise as a way to lose weight. This problem of weight-loss failure that many people experience is caused by a fundamental myth we’ll cover in a minute.

Most common exercises and workouts methods are simply bad for most average, middle-age women. Injuries and “burnout” are obvious effects – but what most women don’t know about is the baffling result of excess weight gain and extra body-fat.

I’ll explain how that happens – but first let’s look at 3 specific exercises that should be avoided:

– Leg-extension:

Touted as one the best machines to “tone and slim down the thighs” – this machine actually causes more damage than any good it may do.

At minimum – the time wasted on this machine takes away from other things a woman could be doing to ignite her natural fat-loss.

The other hidden problem with this machine is that it was derived from rehab settings and physical therapy use.

As a single joint – one muscle-group movement – it actually opens the door for physical imbalance – if not direct injury, due to overuse syndrome….

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