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5 Common Myths about Meditation

When life gets you down, de-stressing is the name of the game. There are the runners, the readers, the video gamers, the bakers, the eaters, and then there are the meditators. No doubt you have heard of the wonderful and mystical world of meditation, but most people probably have not tried it for themselves.

Those same people probably believe they can’t meditate. Admittedly, with the fast-paced world we live in, it can be hard to calm the mind and sit still for any period of time. But meditation is still possible. There are many other misconceptions about meditation; however, with some helpful information, you can master the art of meditation and naturally utilize it to relax.

Empty Mind:
Meditation, contrary to common belief, does not completely still the mind. Meditation practitioners instead observe the mind in its unfettered state. Your mind never stops thinking. It’s impossible because that’s what it does. But slowing our minds, however, and focusing on the thoughts that come through can provide insight into what causes our stress. Once that has been addressed, we can more easily and effectively deal with said stress.

Religious Practice:
It’s true that meditation developed from religious or spiritual practices. But meditation itself is secular. There is no present belief system attached to meditation, so no added pressure! Meditation is all about no pressure. It allows you to be kinder to yourself, so you can chillax, relax and detox from your busy life.

Years of Hard Work:
You don’t need to be super master unicorn of meditation to get the best results. It’s not necessary to practice hours of meditation for years to reap the benefits. According to scientific evidence, as little as 10 minutes of meditation a day can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve clarity, focus the mind, and help foster an overall sense of wellbeing. It’s that easy and simple, and rewarding too.  
Calm Personality:
You need to be calm to meditate. FALSE! There’s no certain personality type that finds it easier to meditate. Meditation makes people calmer and more gentle and compassionate by repetition. By consistently meditating, people who are willing to invest the time in meditation can find balance and a calmer side of themselves.

Weird positions and strange words:
Sitting with your legs folded over your head and chanting witchcraft words, that’s what meditation is. Nope. That is a teetotal myth and one that has been perpetuated by the media. True, some meditation practitioners recite mantras while they meditate for hours. That being said, there is no standard for meditation.

The chanting and hour-long sitting is optional. You can meditate in silence, or with music, and practice in any position you want. You can sit, stand, drive, or even lie down (Try not to fall asleep if you do the latter. That’s not meditating; that’s napping).

Ask any meditation practitioner and they will tell you that they meditate while riding the bus to work, in their office chair, and after waking up in the morning.
It can be done anywhere and in any way. There are no brownie points for making yourself uncomfortable. Remember, meditation is used to calm the mind and relax the body. If you aren’t comfortable, you can’t meditate.