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5 Things to Avoid for A Better Night’s Sleep

5 Things to Avoid for A Better Night's Sleep

Sleep can be wonderful but also frustrating. If you can't get enough, it can harm every aspect of your life. Getting a full night's sleep is key to successful relationships, careers, or accomplishing all your goals and desires. To sleep better each night, it’s crucial to avoid these things at night.

Electronics or Lights

Lights and electronics such as smartphones stimulate your brain to stay awake and prevent the release of melatonin. The chemical is needed to make you feel sleepy. Research shows it is best to avoid lights and electronics at least thirty minutes before going to bed. This way, your body can produce the hormones needed to feel sleepy. Any time you run into a light source, you must reproduce these hormones and start over.

High-Fat and High-Protein Foods

Don’t eat big meals before bedtime, as well as high-fat and high-protein foods. Studies have shown these foods promote restless sleep as they are harder to digest and can cause elevated blood pressure and blood sugar. Foods such as oatmeal or whole-wheat toast are good options if you must eat. They quickly promote the release of serotonin, another hormone that makes you feel sleepy.


When you choose to exercise is vital to your success because exercise can improve your sleep, but it can also cause insomnia if done at the wrong time. Endorphins and other chemicals that release while exercising will keep you energized throughout the day. Therefore, it's essential to be available to exercise in the morning. Regular and proper exercise throughout the week promotes longer and deeper sleep as well.

Caffeine, Alcohol, or Other Stimulants

Research shows that over time, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, and other stimulants or drugs can disrupt sleep patterns throughout the night and lead to worsening sleepwalking behavior or insomnia. Stimulants increase blood flow and inflammation, worsening sleep apnea symptoms and making it more difficult to breathe or get in a comfortable position.


Even if you are exhausted, when you are trying to fix your sleep patterns, if you experience problems falling asleep when you want to, you must stop and avoid all naps, at least for a while. Naps easily disrupt sleep patterns and sleep drive. Keeping a regular schedule during the day and sleeping only at night is the cure for this problem.

You may need to get advice from your doctor if you try these things and are still having issues getting to sleep. Insomnia or lack of sleep can be due to underlining illnesses or lead to one. Remember, proper sleep is one of the keys to living a successful life and shouldn't be ignored.


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