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How to Declutter Your Surfaces and Declutter Your Brain

In many ways, the state of your home is a reflection of the state of your mind. What’s more is that this correlation can work the other way around too – so that the state of your mind ends up mirroring the state of your home.

How does this work? Well, when we’re very busy and rushed, we often find that we don’t have time to keep our home tidy and in order. As a result, it ends up looking a mess and we struggle to find things in the morning.

On the other hand though, when we’re on top of things we find that we are able to organize our belongings in a logical manner and stay on top of where everything is.

So with that in mind, one of the very best ways to go about improving your calm and focus is to start by getting your home organized. And one of the best ways to do that is to throw out unnecessary clutter.

The Problem With Ornaments

Most of us have several ornaments and other items in our home that we keep because we think they look nice. They adorn our tables and cupboards and other surfaces and for the most part look good.

But the problem is, the more we get, the more claustrophobic we start to feel. Light can’t move as freely around the room and we just end up feeling very busy and very stressed due to the amount of information that’s there to take in.

What’s worse, is that the more we have on our surfaces, the more there is to clean and tidy. This ends up resulting in our surfaces getting more and more untidy.

What to do About It

So what do you do?

The first tip is to go through your things and to just dispose of 60% of anything on a surface. That sounds like an extreme challenge but in doing this you will now be left with a much higher average quality of item remaining. What’s left will be only the things you really love and they’ll now draw more attention to themselves.

Moreover, having fewer items now means that tidying is a matter of just wiping around – there’s nothing to pick up and nothing to attract dust of its own.

Don’t put these things in boxes though. In fact, dispose of boxes under the bed and on wardrobes too. You’d be surprised what a huge difference this makes to you unconsciously!