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What is leptin resistance?

Before we saw the world as a globe spinning in the vast expanse of space we once believed it was flat and the sun revolved around us.

Before we knew the dangers of mercury—as a neurotoxin and overall health no-no—it was once considered the go-to treatment for a host of medical conditions, for everything from syphilis to parasites.

Before we had modern health-conscious cosmetics women would adorn themselves with lead-filled face paint and wash their skin with ammonia. They would slowly poison themselves but were convinced it was essential for true beauty.

The knowledge we have gained over the years has not come without a fair share of innocent misunderstandings, but thankfully, as we know more we are able to make more informed choices based on actual science, on truth, on what works. It is crucial we build our actions on a foundation of truth.

Our beliefs about weight loss have centered around constantly shifting paradigms. Throughout the decades we have blamed various things for our inability to lose weight and keep it off - high-fat foods, carbohydrates, calories, lack of motivation, genetics.... We have, in a way, been the people who thought the sun orbited us.

Deep down we may sense there’s another reason for our inability to control our appetite and our expanding waistline, but just don’t know what it is. If you look at the diet and health industry we have created you’ll see the answers we’re fed about the obesity epidemic. We are supplied new “answers” and “solutions” all the time, and so—full of hope—we try them, only to be disappointed when we end up back where we started.

What if I told you the health industry has got it all wrong?

What if I were to tell you that we actually have the solution for why you have gained weight and been unable to lose it?

Would you believe me?

If you’re anything like the people I’ve just described, the people who have trusted the “answers” and “solutions” in the past, probably not. You may be burnt out on hope.... Yet, you are reading these words so there must be some trace of hope left, and I want to work with that tiny bit of remaining hope to change your life. And I mean it.

We’re here to show you a new way, to point you in the direction of the actual cause of your weight gain. No more blaming the wrong thing, looking in the wrong direction, no more wasting your time.

The Real Cause

This new direction starts with something called leptin. Never heard of leptin before? You’re not the only one. This hormone is a lesser known player in our hormonal system (which is sad since it is responsible for so much within our body.) Did you know leptin helps regulate bone mass, the menstrual cycle, the synthesis of thyroid hormones, our appetite and metabolism? And this is just scratching the surface.

Leptin is known as the “obesity hormone” and the “fat hormone.” A pretty big clue for what it’s responsible for.

When our body operates faultlessly, as a well-oiled machine, leptin would be produced by your body’s fat cells and communicate with the hypothalamus (in our brain) via the bloodstream. The amount of leptin would determine whether the body stores fat or loses it, “a minor increase in leptin concentration reduces the appetite and leads to a decrease in body weight."(1) This is how things are supposed to work: a high level of leptin in the body informs your brain that there is enough fat stored, you are not starving—you will survive - and so your appetite is switched off and you burn more fat. Similarly, if your body fat were to decrease, leptin should follow suit and diminish, signalling to your brain to stop burning fat—to store the fat you have—to increase your appetite and prompt you to eat.

This is how things are supposed to function. But what happens when something interrupts the balance which our body is meant to keep? That’s when leptin resistance occurs, and this leptin resistance is the reason for our fruitless (yet well-intentioned) attempts to take control of our health and body. Once you are leptin resistant you won’t lose the weight no matter how little you eat or how much exercise you do.

Thankfully, there is a way out. Your life doesn’t need to be ruled by leptin resistance, there is something you can do. Real results. Real science. No wishing for the best. And this is where we come in. If you’ve had enough of the endless trying and disappointment, if you’ve had enough of feeling like a prisoner in your body and a prisoner to food then a product called Leptitox may help. It is a ground-breaking supplement program that addresses the root cause and breaks the devastating cycle of weight gain once and for all.

Here you will find answers, you will get relief, you will have a plan of action that works.


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What Are The Psychological Benefits Of Gratitude?

What Are The Psychological Benefits Of Gratitude?

It’s clear from studies and research that feeling gratitude in your life brings a host of psychological benefits. Simply by feeling more thankful for the things that you have and experience every day, you can improve your mental state and enjoy better psychological well-being.

Reducing Depression

Around a quarter of the population will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lifetime. Depression is one of the most common and it can be seriously debilitating.

Getting professional help to treat depression can be costly and difficult. Finding the right treatment can be difficult, and often, medication doesn’t work. However, gratitude is a simple skill to practice. It has been proven to reduce depression. It is also less time-consuming, more affordable and more convenient than many traditional therapies.

Depression is a condition that has a neurochemical and psychological base. Both of these can be helped by gratitude. Gratitude causes your attention to be refocused from problems to their solutions, impacting the neurotransmitters like oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin that help you to feel good. When those chemicals surge in your brain, you feel more motivated and less apathetic, helping to reduce your depression.  

Gratitude reduces stress hormones and helps to manage the functions of the autonomic nervous system, thus reducing the unwanted symptoms associated with depression. Feelings of thankfulness, at a neurochemical level, are linked to increased neural modulation in the part of the brain (the prefrontal cortex) that is responsible for handling negative emotions such as shame and guilt. As a result, depression sufferers become more positive and happier as their brain learns how to cope with negativity in a different way....

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Engage in a Regular Fitness Routine to Maximize Your Success and Satisfaction

Engage in a Regular Fitness Routine to Maximize Your Success and Satisfaction

Sometimes you might feel that your workload makes you too busy to fit a work out in. However, exercise and being physically fit makes you more productive and alert, which could help you succeed in your workplace.

It also releases endorphins, which will elevate your sense of happiness all day, giving you more energy while looking and feeling much better. You can buy a monthly membership at a gym if you feel like you have enough free time.

Only buy a membership if you know you’ll use it, though, because you don’t want your money to go to waste. Having an obligation to go to the gym and workout may make you more likely to go.

If you work long hours, you might not feel like going to the gym before or after work because you won’t want to waste time going to the gym and back. When going to the gym, you might feel like you have no idea what you’re doing and you may feel intimidated.

You can pay a personal trainer to help you find a routine that works for you and helps you work towards your goals. If you don’t have the money or time to purchase a membership, you can work out at home.

Buy some materials to use at home like a yoga mat, some dumbbells, and resistance bands. You can follow home workouts on YouTube, and some of the at-home workout sessions only take around 10 minutes.

If you don’t want to splurge on workout materials, you can work out on the floor or a towel and you can use objects you find around the house as weights. Doctors say that you should engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.

While that’s not much time, if you’re working long, exhausting hours, then you might not be up to doing physical activity once you get home. If this is the case, then you can try to take a walk around the office or you could even go outside and take a walk around the building to release endorphins and to get some fresh air.

Exercise is important because it releases endorphins and keeps you healthy. While finding time to work out may be difficult, there are plenty of other places besides a gym that you can get some good exercise in. Staying fit will help you feel better about both your looks and your mental health overall.

Gratitude practice-an overview

Gratitude Practice – An Overview

So, now you know roughly what gratitude means, but how does it look when put into practice? In this chapter, we look at how thankfulness can manifest itself in your life.

Why Introduce Gratitude Practice Into Your Life?

Gratitude has strong links to life satisfaction and good mental health. People who are grateful experience more enthusiasm, love and joy. They also have better protection from emotions that have a destructive impact like bitterness, greed and envy.

Not only that, but gratitude can reduce your lifetime risk of developing a substance abuse disorder, anxiety or depression. It can also help those suffering from these issues and many other conditions find healing and closure. Being thankful helps you to understand that there is goodness out there, even if you’re suffering or uncertain.

Gratitude isn’t just an uplifting and warm feeling; it can also benefit your body. People who introduce gratitude practice into their lives cope more effectively with stress, enjoy better physical health and recover more rapidly from illnesses.

Even better, gratitude extends beyond you. When you experience gratitude, it reaches past you into your wider social circle. Gratitude has the power of inspiring others to act more kindly, and it can strengthen your bond with others around you. People who are grateful are more likely to be viewed as trustworthy, optimistic, outgoing and helpful. These are valuable characteristics that draw others to you and help you forge positive and strong relationships...

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Level Up in Life with Continuing Education

Level Up in Life with Continuing Education

If you’re not satisfied with where your career is at and it’s causing you to be unhappy in your life, you should find time to expand your skills and education to become eligible for a different job, position, or even better pay.

Schedule time after your work hours are over to level up your knowledge by doing things like research or even online school or college. There are many different online options to broaden your abilities and understanding since most of the work of the modern world is done virtually.

You can also do online schooling on the weekends if you find that you don’t have time to learn after work or you feel too stressed out by trying to handle multiple things at once.

If you want to go back to college to get a different degree and possibly get a completely new job, then you need to make sure that you can handle balancing your work with school in order to be able to support yourself and your family.

Make sure that you keep your original job as a backup plan in case going back to school - online or in person - doesn’t work out in the long run and you end up having to go back to your original position.

You also might want to just level up at your workplace and get upgraded to work at a higher position. For this, you may not need to go back to school, but you will need to expand your skill set by doing lots of research on and learning the tasks of the position you want to be promoted to.

If you just want better pay from your workplace, you can just work harder and broaden your skills as you display them to your boss. Show your boss you are capable of handling a heavier workload with your newly learned abilities, and if you get more duties assigned to you, you will hopefully be eligible to secure a raise in income.

Sometimes you may feel like you’re capable of much more when it comes to the job you chose. It’s never too late to redirect your career path to a place that will make you become much happier and will grant you a higher salary.

Doing this will take practice, dedication, and time because you have to ensure that you still have a source of income to support yourself and your family while balancing school or extra research with your job.

Working from Home Lets You Set Your Own Schedule

Working from Home Lets You Set Your Own Schedule

One of the many joys of working from home is that you get to set your own schedule. Before you decide what that means for you, remember that your work is still work. The attire and location might have changed, but the responsibilities and deadlines won’t.

You need to create a schedule, regardless of what it looks like because it’s one of the keys to success. It’s also a crucial part of maintaining a work-life balance. You want success but you don’t want to give up what’s important to you outside of work, either.

A key thing to remember is that you have a total of twenty-four hours. How you choose to arrange those twenty-four hours is up to you. But during that time, how productive you are (or aren’t) will fall on your shoulders.

If you create the kind of schedule that works great for you, you’ll end up with a work day that you enjoy. There are no 100% right or wrong ways to set up a schedule. Don’t try to get it perfect right from the start.

You might put something in place for a schedule and then decide that you don’t like it. No big deal, just change it. You might end up changing your schedule a few times before you settle into one that feels right for you.

Keep in mind that everyone has what’s known as peak hours. These are the times that you feel the most alert. It’s also when you seem to get the most accomplished from your to-do list.

This is when you need to work on what’s the most imperative for your business. Handle the most pressing project during this time rather than spending the time on non-essentials such as answering emails that aren’t top priority.

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What does gratitude really mean?

What Does Gratitude Really Mean?

When you think of the word “gratitude” what comes to mind? Do you automatically think of saying thank you when someone holds the door open for you? Or feeling grateful when somebody gives you a birthday gift? While those thinks do come under the gratitude umbrella, this isn’t the kind of gratitude we’re talking about in this book.

Here, we’re talking about the transformative type of thankfulness that can totally change your life and give you a whole new perspective on the world.

Gratitude – Just A Fashionable Word?

Even if you give the idea of gratitude a little more thought than the average person, you may still fail to grasp the importance of being thankful. We hear a lot these days about being grateful – so much so, that gratitude is starting to become nothing more than just a buzz word with little or no meaning. If the whole idea of being grateful has lost all relevance to you, it’s time to look again, go back to the drawing board, and redefine the meaning of the word....

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Put an Emphasis on a Good Night’s Sleep to Perform Better at Work and Enjoy Life More

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Put an Emphasis on a Good Night’s Sleep to Perform Better at Work and Enjoy Life More

A good night’s sleep is crucial to maintaining a healthy mind and body. Not getting enough sleep will not only damage your physical health, but it’ll also damage your mental health.

When you lack a decent amount of rest, it takes a toll on your body. Not getting enough sleep can weaken your immune system, put you in danger while driving to work, cause you to have high blood pressure, put you at risk for getting diabetes, cause unhealthy weight gain, give you higher chances of having a stroke, and can even increase your chance of getting some kinds of cancer.

Your mental health also suffers when you’re always drowsy. Lacking proper rest will wreck your ability to think straight, making your work life so much harder than it needs to be.

It also makes you more likely to not be able to remember crucial details that you might need in order to write a paper or give a good presentation during a meeting. Without sleep, your mood also decreases and can make you anxious, depressed, and more likely to get annoyed easier.

If you constantly aren’t getting enough sleep, you can develop long-term anxiety, depression, and even paranoia. Not getting enough sleep affects your work life by making you unable to concentrate.

This means you’ll forget everything you heard in any meetings you went to, which will stunt your ability to get your work done in a way that meets your boss or clients’ expectations.

Sometimes it’s difficult to naturally get yourself back on a good schedule, especially if you have to stay up late for work or your family. However, there are some things that you can do during the day to help ensure that when your head hits the pillow, you won’t be restless and you’ll be able to get a full, good night’s sleep.

Try to not drink or eat anything with caffeine in it past noon, stick to your same work schedule on weekends and holidays to make sure you don’t get off track, don’t go on your phone or computer before bed, and try to spend about an hour or so before bed doing relaxing activities like reading, taking a nice bath, or even doing some meditation.

Getting a good night’s sleep will not only benefit your ability to be a stronger worker, but it will also keep you healthy both mentally and physically. Try different methods to see what works for you in order to be able to go to bed at a normal hour depending on when you need to wake up for work.

Focus on What You Want Instead of What You Hope to Avoid

Focus on What You Want Instead of What You Hope to Avoid


When you’re working towards setting a goal, you should focus on the positive side of it rather than the negative part you’re getting rid of by achieving that goal. Focusing on the positive is more inspiring and will help you achieve your goal in a faster, more upbeat manner.                                  

One example of focusing on the positives of your goal is going on vacation with your family. While trying to reach this goal, you might be thinking about the fact that when you finally take them somewhere, they’ll stop complaining about never getting to go on vacation.

Instead of having this mindset, think about how much fun you and your family will have together. Weight loss is another good example - instead of focusing on diseases you might get from being overweight, or things you can’t do because of your weight, focus on how good it’ll feel to be fit and energetic while looking your best.

In your work life, if you want a higher salary, you have to work harder. Instead of setting your goal being focused on not being able to do things such as go on vacations, shop for new clothes, or anything else you’d want to splurge on, focus on how nice it’ll be to be able to do these things.

Set your goals based on things that you want, but make sure they’re not created just so you can stop something else from happening. Don’t set a goal to work harder because someone else wants you to - do it for yourself.

Do these things for what you want in life, because if you work so hard to please someone else, you’ll never have true satisfaction. While you’re setting goals for yourself, whether they have to do with your personal life or your work life, make sure you’re focused on what good things will come out of achieving your goal.

If you decide to do something to avoid something bad, you’re immediately associating your goals with bad things. This will make you more stressed about achieving the things you want and will strip your happiness away if you don’t have immediate results.

If you focus on the positives, you’ll be more inspired to get what you want and you’ll feel more empowered by your mindset rather than if you’re focused on the bad things about yourself that you want to change. Focusing on the negatives will only make you feel worse about yourself, and you won’t feel as motivated by tearing yourself down.


How the Work at Home Concept Has Evolved Over Time

How the Work at Home Concept Has Evolved Over Time

Years ago, there were classified ads in magazines offering people the opportunity to work from home stuffing envelopes. These announcements got a lot of attention because many people loved the idea of working from home and making money.

The promise of quick and easy money seemed like a dream come true. But the ads weren’t true. This was a scam designed to take advantage of people who wanted to be able to stay at home and yet still afford to pay their bills.

As time passed, work from home scams cropped up everywhere, so it made people skeptical. They were afraid that if something sounded too good to be true, then it was. With scam work at home jobs, this is definitely true.

However, at the same time these scams were popping up, so were legitimate work from home opportunities. These legitimate jobs could be the answer that you’re looking for and there are hundreds of jobs that you can do right from your own home.

The route that you take to create your work at home job depends on how you want to set it up. If you have a job that you currently enjoy, you could approach your boss and ask if there’s an opportunity for you to telecommute.

If you’re new at the company, you might not be someone chosen to work from home if there’s yet to be a track record of what you’re capable of producing yet. Many bosses worry that if they let an employ telecommute, the projects might not get finished on time.

They fear that there might be too many interruptions or that employees who worked at home might claim more hours of work time than they actually did. There simply isn’t a lot of trust and because of that, it isn’t common for many businesses to offer work at home jobs...

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