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Stop Saying You’ll Do the Things You Love “Someday”

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Stop Saying You’ll Do the Things You Love “Someday”

Everyone loves the idea of traveling or taking time off of work to do things you enjoy. However, there are some people who do nothing but dream and talk about what they’re going to do, but rarely do it.

Most people excuse this by saying that they want to work hard now to enjoy the things they want to do later in life, but it’s important that you do what you want to when you have an opportunity.

Many working parents always say that they’ll take time off to spend time with their children after they’re done with a project. Before you know it, the workload keeps piling up and you’ll always be able to find an excuse for something you need to get done.

Time flies by and next thing you know all of your kids are grown up with families of their own, too busy with their own lives to spend time with you. Every once in awhile, everyone needs to take some time to travel and get away from their home.

Don’t hold off on travelling if you don’t have to, because if you hold off for too long, you may be at an age where you don’t feel up to going to any of the places you’ve always wanted to go to.

Put in as much effort to your relationships, both romantic and platonic, as you are with your work. Maintaining a close knit circle of friends will increase your happiness. However, if you’re putting work before them, they’ll feel like you don’t value their friendship and you and your circle will grow apart.

This also goes for any significant other, as they’ll also want to distance themselves from you if they feel unimportant to you. No matter what’s going on with work, they should also be a priority in your life.

Making sure that you take time to do the things that you want to do in life is important to your overall happiness. Use your vacation days to go after things that you want to do, whether that means dividing up your days to spend them with family and friends, going on a date night with your significant other, or traveling somewhere that you’d enjoy going.

If you work hard to be able to afford the luxuries you want, but never go after obtaining them, then there’s no point to spending so much time working. You can’t take money to the grave, so balance your earnings out with the enjoyment it can provide for you.

Could a New Job Deliver More in Terms of Personal Satisfaction?

Could a New Job Deliver More in Terms of Personal Satisfaction?

Sometimes you follow a career path thinking that it’d be best for you in terms of happiness and income. However, after time, you could realize that your job choice is constricting your ability to be truly happy and stress-free.

The best way to combat this is to try to pursue a new career path. If you are working for a company and you still want to work with them, you could try working in a new department.

Maybe if you’re in a higher position of power, you could find a comparable position to transfer to, doing a completely new job for the company by taking on a new position in a different department. 
You may feel that you chose the wrong company to work with completely. If this is the case, try applying to multiple companies that work within the same profession you chose.

While doing this, keep your original job so that you have a financial support system if your job applications don’t get accepted anywhere else. It’s possible that you might be looking back and regretting your occupation choice completely.

The good news is that there’s always time to change your career. You might have to go back to college and get educated in that subject and change your degree. However, while you make your plan to change your career, you need to make sure you stay at your job as a safety net in case things don’t work out.

This way, you’re making sure that you’re maintaining a stable income while following your passion. If you don’t want to go back to school, or work for another company, you could always become an entrepreneur for your chosen topic.

For example, if you love gardening but don’t know how to make a career out of it, you could make your own website and have your customers pay you to teach them how to garden by selling them digital information courses.

You could also start your own business selling products that you make, like coloring books or crafts on Etsy. There’s no reason to suppress your happiness and stress yourself out by staying at a job that you don’t enjoy.

There are so many options for you to achieve true happiness by following your passion, even if it takes time to go back to school. If you’re feeling stressed, make sure you avoid desperation when choosing a new employment path while keeping a safety net of your current job to maintain your revenue.

Getting the Curcumin You Need from Food Alone Is (Really) Hard

Getting the Curcumin You Need from Food Alone Is (Really) Hard
So, wait… what about trying to get all the curcumin you need from food sources, such as the turmeric you find on spice shelves in stores or even fresh turmeric?

Well, first of all, you'd have to eat a LOT of it – like every single day.

How much, you ask?

Consider that dry turmeric powder is only about 3% curcumin by weight. That means to get a typical dose of 500mg of curcumin, you'd have to consume over 16 GRAMS of turmeric powder, which equates to about 4 teaspoons!

I'm not sure if you've ever tried adding turmeric powder to recipes, but a little bit goes a LONG way when it comes to taste.

And even then, these food sources of turmeric have the SAME poor absorbability issues as the turmeric/curcumin in most supplements!

Furthermore and unfortunately, as worldwide demand for turmeric has skyrocketed, modern-day mass-agriculture has indeed taken HUGE shortcuts in turmeric production... with devastating consequences.

Instead of the ancient turmeric cultivation methods that resulted in a truly rare and ultra-healthy spice, many today are using GMOs, chemical fertilizers, and other unnatural products.

The soil is being abused via chemicals and other mass-farming processes. Some are also farming near highly urban or industrial areas where there is dirty air.

All this and other "industrial farming" short-cuts are resulting in turmeric / curcumin that can potentially pose serious health risks.

If you're seeking a turmeric that actually provides your body all of curcumin's powerful benefits, the bottom line – one more time – is to make certain it lists the clean and highly effective CurcuWIN® on the label...

The One Essential Type of Curcumin You Need

The One Essential Type of Curcumin You Need
Point blank: If you don't absorb curcumin – and all the other beneficial compounds found in turmeric – you're not going to reap the cascade of expected health benefits.

Now, the addition of BioPerine® (black pepper extract) has been shown to modestly increase the bioavailability of curcumin.

However, while that's a small step in the right direction, it pales in comparison to a recently-discovered natural enhancement technology that has been shown to:

Dramatically enhance absorption in the body
Keep levels of this powerful compound elevated in the body longer
That's right – this turmeric supercharger leads to better AND longer-lasting curcumin action.

The key lies in the novel, powerful "UltraSOL Nutrient Delivery System."

This is a patented technology that combines a pristine turmeric extract – which provides curcumin as well as all the other curcumin-like compounds (called curcuminoids) of this ancient herb precisely as Mother Nature intended – with natural antioxidants in a water-soluble carrier.

You see, powders like turmeric extracts typically "clump" when they're combined with liquids, especially water. (And as you probably remember from high-school biology, your body is 60% water.)

This "clumping" reduces functionality and your ability to tap into all the amazing compounds in turmeric.

UltraSOL was specifically geared to address this problem – and more importantly, the difficult absorption with curcumin – by actually increasing the dispersibility of curcuminoids (which also tend to clump when dried) allowing for enhanced bioavailability.

Plus, it does not contain the highly toxic solvent called EDC found in so many turmeric/curcumin supplements.

So, what does this mean in clear and direct terms?

The UltraSOL curcumin enhancement system solves the big absorption problem by GREATLY increasing solubility – which, therefore, preserves curcumins' actions in the body.

And that means FAR greater absorption than other curcumin formulations… and that in turn means an open door to dramatically increased results!

Considering the dramatic difference that the UltraSOL Nutrient Delivery System makes in bioavailability, it's only fitting that the breakthrough formulation featuring this system be called CurcuWIN®.

So, the BOTTOM LINE you really need to know?

If you actually want to experience all the remarkable benefits that turmeric can provide – and do so safely – be 100% certain you're consuming CurcuWIN® and it's clearly stated on the label....

How CBD is made makes a Huge difference

How Your CBD is Made Makes a HUGE Difference

Finding quality CBD products as I have described really puts into perspective how important it is to find a company giving their CBD processing the quality control your body deserves.

You want to find a CBD company that spends money getting their CBD products tested by independent labs.

Those tests should do two things…

  1. Ensure the potency and purity of the CBD in the product
  2. Test for dangerous heavy metals like lead, herbicides, pesticides, and other potentially toxic compounds

Don’t take this lightly... if you are not careful about where you get your CBD and the brand doesn’t offer access to independent 3rd party lab results right on the bottle, there is a good chance your CBD is either contaminated or doesn’t contain the right amount of CBD.

How CBD gets produced is another area of major concern. You have to extract it from the hemp plant in oil form. No way around it.

The two main extraction processes are:

  1. Supercritical CO2 extraction
  2. Ethanol extraction, which uses an alcohol base

Both methods can work if done properly. However, each one has its drawbacks.

  • Ethanol extraction can leave behind dangerous solvents like ethanol and butane.
  • While CO2 extraction is solvent-free, it often extracts unwanted impurities in the process. Nasty stuff like pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals... Only ethanol can remove that junk, but it taints the CBD.
  • CO2 extraction must be done at low temperatures or the delicate CBD molecules and other health-promoting phytocannabinoids get damaged, making them useless.

One capsule per day

That’s all the CBD you need to find relief, according to top doctors

As long as your CBD is real-but many are fake....

Collagen: ‘Fountain of Youth’ or Edible Hoax?

Dec. 12, 2019 -- In January 2019, Jessica Sansevera looked in the mirror and discovered the holidays had not been kind to her skin. Winter dryness and stress had deepened her fine lines, and overindulgence in caffeine and sugar had left her with welts of rosacea-related acne around her mouth.

“My skin was just not where it should be for a woman my age, and I wanted to do something preventive before those lines got too etched in,” says Sansevera, a 30-something mother of two and schoolteacher from Westchester, NY.

Due to her sensitive skin, fancy treatments and expensive creams were off the table. So, at the advice of her dermatologist, she took a different “inside-out” approach. She began spiking her morning smoothie or coffee with a scoop of ground-up cow or fish parts -- aka collagen.

Within a month, her acne abated, replaced with a rosy glow. And within 3 months, she noticed a host of other unexpected changes. Her nails were thicker. Her hair stopped falling out in the shower. And she could dance without pain from her knee osteoarthritis.

“It is not a miracle pill,” she stresses, noting that she also cleaned up her diet and added a probiotic to her daily routine. “But I absolutely believe the collagen is helping.”

Sansevera’s discovery is hardly a new one....

Read on here:

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RECIPES TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM – Excerpt of the “Supercharge Your Body” eBook


Breakfast recipes can be as simple as eating a fruit salad, fruit juices, or fruit smoothies. Here are a few other ideas.

Blueberry smoothie

2 servings


  • ½ cup of plain kefir (or replace with yogurt)
  • ½ cup of plain yogurt
  • 1 cup of blueberries
  • ½ cup of other berries (blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc.)
  • 1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds
  • 1 Brazil nut, slice (optional)
  • 4–6ice cubes


Place all the ingredients in the blend in the order listed except for the ice cubes. Pulse a few times, then add one ice cube at a time, pulsing 4–6 times in between. Blend until smooth and serve....

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21-DAY PLAN – Excerpt of the “Supercharge Your Body” eBook

The following plan is to help you build a healthier lifestyle that can help you maintain a robust immune system. The 21 days are divided in three weeks, and each week, you will add a little something to help you build on your new healthy lifestyle.

Before you start this plan, ask yourself how ready you are to make that lifestyle change. Your motivation to change will be the number one reason if you can maintain the 21-day plan.

Answer the following questions to assess your change readiness.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not motivated, 10 being highly motivated), how motivated are you to disconnect from the digital world?

1       2       3       4       5       6       7       8       9       10

If your answer was below 10, what would help you move one score higher? In other words, what would make you more motivated to change?....

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ESSENTIAL OILS – Excerpt of the “Supercharge Your Body” eBook

While you’ve learned about supplements in chapter 4, there are other ways that natural medicine can be helpful in boosting your immune system. Aromas from essential oils can help you boost your immunity and prevent illnesses while eliminating antigens. The three oils that we will present to you in this section are eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, and tea tree oil.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is known to help to fight the common cold and respiratory issues. You can use it in a diffuser to help clear the breathing airways, or you can also add a couple of drops to your bathwater. This oil is also a great antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic. Eucalyptus oil is also known to stimulate the immune system. Although, like many oils, you have to be careful about how to use them. In this case, Eucalyptus oil is not recommended for infants and pregnant women....

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SLEEP AND RENEWING THE BODY – Excerpt of the “Supercharge Your Body” eBook

Sleep and Renewing the Body

Sleeping is, by far, one of the best remedies to help the immune system fight off any disruptive bug in your body. Sleep is crucial for the body’s production of cytokines. Cytokine is a protein that reduces inflammation and infection in the body.

Sleep is critical to ensure a healthy immune system that is always ready to fight any bacteria and viruses. The recommended sleep hours are seven to nine hours per night to rest and regenerate the body adequately. If some days you are unable to get the recommended dose of sleep, try to do one or two naps of 30 minutes during the day. If you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system can’t function optimally. Here are a few ideas to help you improve your sleep.

Create a Routine

It is proven that a routine will trick your body into falling asleep at a specific time. Try to observe yourself, is there a time when you are tired? If so, make sure you go to bed before that time. Create a routine that allows you to complete everything before that time and go to bed. You can also set an alarm that will tell you that it’s time to prepare yourself for bedtime. That way, you are less likely to forget what time it is and be more successful at implementing a routine. A bedtime ritual is an excellent addition to your....

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