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Be More Mindful in Everyday Life

Be More Mindful in Everyday Life

Mindfulness it the state of being more present, which can be done through a meditation session or just working to be more mindful. It can become a natural state of being when you focus on being more mindful in your everyday life, especially during activities you will already be doing.

Mindful Waking Minutes

Start a mindful waking routine where the first few minutes of your morning, right after you wake up, you try to relax and just sit in the moment. It doesn’t need to be a long time. Just 2-3 minutes of deep breathing and closing your eyes is plenty of time. You just want to start your day in as much of a relaxing and mindful state as possible. It helps to prevent stress and anxiety right as you wake up, which are emotions that tend to follow you around all day.

Be Mindful of How Your Body Feels

Remember to check in with your body throughout the day and feel the sensations. This is often enough to get yourself into the place of being more mindful. Whenever you can, just check in with your body and see if you notice tension or discomfort. Do you feel strong or fatigued? Are your muscles sore from a workout, or do you feel relaxed? There is no wrong way to feel here, as long as you pay attention.

Be Mindful of Your Emotions

You also want to check in with your mind often, including analyzing your thoughts and emotions in any given moment. Again, this can be done at any time. Think of those moments during the day when you have more time to sit with your thoughts. It might be when eating a meal, driving to work, or walking your dogs. Just check in with your mind and see what your primary thoughts are.

Mindful Daily Habits

Begin to explore daily habits that can help you get into a mindful state. Think of your daily rituals where you can also be present in those moments. Every day, you have many different habits and routines that you go through, often without thinking much about it. But you can take advantage of these moments by being mindful.

For example, instead of listening to music during your morning yoga session, you can practice yoga in the silence instead. You can be mindful during your shower, when brushing your teeth, as you make breakfast, while sitting outside enjoying the sunrise, and so many other activities.

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