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Benefits from Volunteering

Benefits from Volunteering

Volunteering is a vital service to your community. There are many organizations and people that struggle to get the items and things they need to live a healthy and robust life. It often takes the backbone, care, and empathy from volunteers to provide the help that your community needs.

While your community thrives on volunteers, it can provide you just as many if not more benefits to your life. The following are four benefits to you from volunteering:

Builds More Relationships

When you are part of a team, connections form, loneliness affects 3 out of 5 Americans according to Cigna's 2020 Loneliness Index. Loneliness leads to depression and anxiety that can wreak havoc on people's immune systems and the economy.

When you start volunteering, you’ll meet new people who share your values but are different from you. From those you help and those, you work with to volunteer. Creating new relationships and opening your life to more opportunities, knowledge, and understanding of the world.

Increases Knowledge and Understanding Of Others

As you volunteer, you get a clearer idea of how other people live differently or similarly to you. Opening your perspective and gaining a new understanding of the world. This increases your compassion and empathy. Knowledge allows you to live a more positive life and live with more intention.

Provides A Sense of Purpose

When you know your purposes in life, it’s easier to understand who you are and where you fit in best, within the community. This knowledge also helps to bring you a greater sense of happiness and success. Volunteering gives you a sense of direction and enables you to contribute to society in a meaningful way. As you continue to volunteer, you will gain a sense of pride. This develops your self-esteem, confidence, and strengthens your drive to continue volunteering.

Expands Career Skills and Opportunities

Volunteering often builds and enhances skills that employer’s value most. On your resume, add the teams you were on, the hours-worked, your job title, and your duties. This gives employers an idea of your skills, priorities, and preferences. It also helps them understand how much experience you have in specific areas and what important qualities you already possess.

Volunteering can also provide a new environment, where you can practice solving problems or help answer people’s common questions. Volunteering can be very beneficial, as you learn new things and help make life better for others.