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Samsung, Medtronic Partnering on Mobile Diabetes Management

Samsung, Medtronic Partnering on Mobile Diabetes Management

Here’s another great initiative being launched after the Google Lens project announced a while ago; I fortunately don’t suffer from diabetes but I have several friends who (as well as my 14 year old cat!) and I know they would be so happy to have something useful replace that “constantly needing to prick their skin” to test their blood sugar levels!

diabetes check

“Helping diabetes patients find new ways to monitor and treat their diabetes using their mobile devices is the goal of the partnership.
Diabetes patients in the future could be using their mobile devices along with applications and technologies from Samsung and Medtronic to better monitor their disease through a new partnership being formed by the companies.

The effort will merge Samsung’s expertise in consumer mobile devices with Medtronic’s diabetes management systems to find new, easier ways for patients to track their blood glucose levels and live with the disease. The creation of the partnership was announced at an American Diabetes Association conference on June 5.

Managing diabetes for millions of patients can mean wearing glucose monitors and insulin pumps or constantly pricking their skin and testing their blood for sugar levels. To change that, alternative methods are always being evaluated and tested.

The Samsung-Medtronic partnership will seek new ways for diabetes patients and their doctors to remotely view diabetes data and will explore systems that could ultimately integrate mobile and wearable devices into diabetes management systems, according to the companies.”

“By addressing more of the social and emotional aspects of living with diabetes and improving lifestyle fit, we believe that more people worldwide will be able to experience better diabetes control that today’s advanced therapies provide,” Alejandro Galindo, vice president and general manager of the intensive insulin management division at Medtronic, said in a statement. “Medtronic aims to transform diabetes by providing world-class integrated care, enabled by leading technologies, big data, and informatics. Our partnership with Samsung is a key step in providing convenient and discreet access to diabetes data, so together we can provide people with diabetes greater freedom and better health.”

Continue reading here: http://www.eweek.com/mobile/samsung-and-medtronic-partnering-on-mobile-diabetes-management.html

Years of good blood sugar control helps diabetic hearts, study finds

Years of good blood sugar control helps diabetic hearts, study finds

This study is quite important for people suffering from Diabates type 2 since it
confirms that all the efforts they go through on a daily basis are really are worth it.

Day in and day out, for years on end, millions of people with diabetes prick their
fingers to test their blood sugar level. And many may wonder if all the careful eating,
exercise and medication it takes to keep those levels under control is really worth it.

A major new study should encourage them to keep going for the long haul, to protect
their hearts from diabetes-related damage. But it should also prompt them to work with
their doctors on other ways to reduce their cardiovascular risk.

The key finding: that keeping blood sugar levels under good control for many years can
reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack, stroke, heart failure or amputation by
about 17 percent.

And patients may not have to keep their blood sugar levels super-low to reap most of the
cardiovascular benefit. The authors concluded that a long-term average of about 8 on the
measurement called A1C hemoglobin was enough to achieve most of the benefit, but that
many patients can be safely lowered to around 7.

The results are reported in the June 4 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine by a
team from three VA hospitals, the VA Center for Clinical Management Research and the
University of Michigan Medical School. They show what happened to nearly 1,800 veterans
with Type 2 diabetes nearly 10 years after they signed up for a 6 year blood sugar study
that randomly assigned them to either get help achieving “tight” blood sugar control, or
regular care..

Full story link here:http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/06/150603181737.htm?

More Evidence That High-Fiber Diet May Curb Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Well if this is true then people eating loads of fiber like me should be feeling a whole lot better now…

People who get a lot of fiber in their diet may be lowering their odds for type 2 diabetes, new research shows.

“We are not certain why this might be, but potential mechanisms could include feeling physically full for longer, prolonged release of hormonal signals, slowed down nutrient absorption, or altered fermentation in the large intestine,” wrote study author Dagfinn Aune, a Ph.D. student affiliated with the Imperial College London in England.

His team, which published the findings May 26 in the journal Diabetologia, looked at data on more than 29,000 Europeans tracked for an average of 11 years.

Read on: http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=188658

Metabolic syndrome could increase cardiovascular risks

It looks like high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels combined definitely increase your risks of diabetes:

“Metabolic syndrome could be more of a risk to people’s health than originally thought, according to new research. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism suggests that people with metabolic syndrome are more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than those without the condition. Meanwhile, another new study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, suggests that metabolic syndrome may increase cardiovascular risk more in black women than in white women”

Read on http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/294274.php

What You Need to Know to Reverse Diabetes

What You Need to Know to Reverse Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease of the pancreas. When you eat food, your pancreas naturally releases insulin. This insulin helps your body balance your blood sugar level.

If your pancreas is diseased, it may not be able to release as much insulin as you need or it may not release any insulin. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes happens when your pancreas can’t produce any insulin.

People who have type one often have to give themselves shots of insulin to help their body regulate their blood sugar levels. In people with Type 2 diabetes, the pancreas produces some but not all of the insulin the body needs.

Both types of diabetes require you to carefully monitor your blood sugar level. If your level gets too low or too high, you won’t feel your best and you can develop other health issues as well.

There are medications available to people with either form of diabetes. However, research has shown that you can reverse the effects of diabetes. One of these ways is through weight loss.

While anyone can develop diabetes, you’re more likely to have the condition if you’re already overweight. Losing weight helps take some of the strain off your pancreas.

Watching what you eat can also help you. Your goal should be to keep your blood sugar levels consistent throughout the day. You don’t want your sugar level to spike too high or drop too low.

Some people with diabetes have found that they can reverse the disease by avoiding snacks and meals high in carbohydrates. There are two types of carbohydrates and those are fast acting carbs and slow acting carbs.

You can find fast acting carbs in many popular junk foods. If a food contains white flour or high amounts of sugar, it’s probably a fast acting carb. These types of carbs often give you a sugar rush and provide a temporary amount of energy thanks to a spike in your blood sugar level.

There are also slow acting carbs. These carbs are much better for your body because they release slowly over time and don’t cause sudden sugar spikes. If you’re looking for some slow acting carbs, reach for black beans, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal.

Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

Anyone who has diabetes knows that the disease has many different symptoms. These symptoms can range from tingling in the hands caused by nerve damage from high glucose levels to frequent urination.

As time passes, diabetes can cause a lot of serious harm to your body unless you reverse it. Well over 25 million people now have diabetes. There are two types of diabetes.

Type 1 means that the cells in the pancreas have been destroyed. This is usually caused by an autoimmune disease. Very little insulin is produced in the pancreas and certainly not enough to keep glucose levels manageable.

Of the two types of diabetes, this one can be the most difficult to regulate and is often diagnosed in early childhood. However, Type 2 diabetes can be more easily reversed because this form of the disease is linked to metabolic disorders rather than cell destruction.

People who have Type 2 diabetes don’t have enough insulin production to control their glucose levels. To understand how to reserve diabetes, you’ll need to follow some tips such as the ones shown in Diabetes Free.

Understand the Truth About Diabetes

If you look around in the medicine section of a grocery store or drug store, you’ll easily notice that there are numerous products dedicated to living with diabetes. You’ll find equipment for all kinds of diabetic needs, equipment for keeping your feet comfortable and protected from nerve damage, books on diabetic meal planning and more.

When you keep checking, you’ll see that there are scores of different testing supplies that you can purchase. In the past, to buy a glucose meter, testing strips and lances, you had to have a prescription.

But now that millions of people have been diagnosed with this condition, you can just pick up supplies over the counter. That pretty much removes the limit to how often you can test your levels and how much money you can spend on all of the products.

If you’ll pay attention to all of these supplies, you’ll notice that all of them are there to teach you how you can thrive while having diabetes. Your doctor will have you come in for A1c testing periodically so that you’ll know how well you’re monitoring your levels.

This way, your medication dosage can be raised if your levels are staying too high. You’ll get warned about the long term complications of diabetes – such as blindness or amputation if you don’t keep a tight control on those numbers.

Having all of these products and all of this information from doctors is a good thing, right? Not always. Because when you have tools that help you stay where you are, it’s too easy not to change.

It’s too easy to just accept that this is the way it will always be. What all of this has in common is that the mindset you’re being taught is geared toward making sure you understand how you can live with it rather than how you can fight it.

Instead of loading yourself down with information on accepting and living with diabetes or allowing others to tell you that you have to live with it – look at the alternative – reversing diabetes.

Take back control of your health. It’s easier to do than you might think. Reader’s Digest had an article online dated November 2012 that talked about some guidelines the American Diabetes Association was giving new patients.

Instead of automatically going on medication for diabetes after a diagnosis, the ADA suggested trying some lifestyle changes first. In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the results debunk the myth that once you have diabetes, you’ll always have it.

Using lifestyle changes, participants monitored in one of the groups were said to be in diabetes remission. Their glucose levels were within normal range without the need for any medication.

Medications and Insulin Don’t Treat the Root Cause of Diabetes

When someone gets diagnosed with diabetes, one of the first things most doctors will do is give them a prescription for medicine or insulin to get those numbers under control.

But that’s actually one of the worst steps that you can take. So why do doctors handle it this way? Because it’s become the gold standard for the way that diabetes is treated. …

Finally, Treat the root cause of diabetes in as little as 14 days from now

Save thousands on insulin, prescription drugs, test strips and needles

Experience the freedom to live life as it was meant to be lived…eating anything you want



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