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Why red tea is better than green tea


Green tea has long been acknowledged for its health and wellness benefits, including weight

loss assistance. The evidence is irrefutable. But are we overlooking something better?

It is true that green tea contains powerful antioxidants. These components contribute to

minimizing health risks such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

As a Weight Loss Expert, it has been my primary goal to share practical tips and tricks for

those pursuing optimal health. In upholding my obligation to transparency, I am about to

reveal how green tea, although beneficial, is gradually losing value in the light of its delicious

rival – rooibos.

Rooibos, also known as red tea, is equally high in antioxidants, however sourced from

different substances to that of green tea. The antioxidants contained in rooibos – aspalathin

and nothofagin – are comparatively rare, and help to regulate blood sugar, reduce excessive

fat production, stress, and inhibit metabolic disorders.

After the results of recent studies, alongside my own findings related to the major players

in sustainable weight loss, I consider red tea an essential. In addition to preventing heart

disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and more, it is an accessible and effective answer to weight


This year I began the production of my Red Tea Detox. A primary goal was to harness the

incredible benefits of rooibos whilst combining the ingredient with a number of other, equally

valuable elements.

Rooibos means red bush. The plant is readily available, with leaves that turn red upon fermentation. With so much potential to assist with our health and wellness journeys, I

considered it wrong to ignore the strength of the plant.

Unlike green tea, red tea does not contain caffeine, and therefore drinking the blend at night

won’t leave you restless.

Another factor of its ultimate superiority is simply – taste. The bitterness of green tea is often

attributed to its high tannin content, which is less prevalent in red tea.

Many health products do not aim to bridge the gap between adults and young children,

but the pursuit of health is of equal importance for both demographics. Which is why I’ve

designed a recipe that caters to all ages and tastes, with the inclusion of a sweetened

version of the recipe.

This particular Red Tea Detox program is fresh and matchless, already actively transforming

lives since its launch.

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The power of late-night snacking

You’re staring at your computer screen with weary eyes. Dinner has come and gone, but that

oh-so-familiar beast we call Hunger has reeled its damn head again.

But you can’t snack after eight o’clock, right? That’s weight loss rule number one. Or is it?

I’m about to share with you some helpful truths for a situation of this kind.

There’s an ironic flipside to my mostly honorable label of ‘Liz Swann Miller – Weight Loss

Expert’. I must strictly resign myself to the continuous expectation the general public

attributes to the title – that I have it together.

Liz would never gain excessive amounts of weight. Liz would never give in to that looming

golden M on the highway. Liz doesn’t snack late at night. How does Liz do it?

Let me tell you a secret. Liz struggles. Liz feels the exact temptations you feel, and resists the

exact pulls you resist.

As this ‘Weight Loss Expert’, I often need to remind myself not only to pursue a healthy

lifestyle in order to fulfill the expectation of my title and my career, but for my optimal


The temptation, for me, is at its worst late at night, during that time when I’ve supposedly

declared eating over, yet I’m fighting hunger, bleary-eyed, answering hundreds of emails

from clients seeking advice for topics such as this.

Firstly – it’s important to note that hunger is a basic survival instinct – and we must be

grateful for it. The fact that it exists is an amazing feat in itself. Don’t be ashamed. Just know how to appease the beast.

There are those who claim the most effective diets are those which have you eating only

two meals a day, and drinking water for the rest. I strongly encourage you to ignore these

methods, as they are not sustainable.

The secret is snacking. And I don’t mean digging around in a bag of chips and licking the

salt off your fingers (we’ve all been there), I mean pouring yourself a bowl of organic nuts.

Or blueberries. Or frozen peas. Be inventive, but clever about it. Choose the right food in


But let’s talk about the late-night secret. It’s simple. And easy. Are you ready for it?

Okay. It’s a cup of tea. Don’t underestimate those three words. Not to drink immediately

before bed, but rather in the gap between dinner and sleep.

My go-to is the always delicious, always sufficient Red Tea. It satisfies the hunger itch, but

leaves me feeling clean, calm and revitalized, primarily due to its detoxifying properties. And

it’s caffeine free – so don’t fear, you won’t be bouncing from the walls.

After my extensive studies around fat-burning solutions, the myths and the answers, I

created this tea with ingredients selected carefully for late night cravings and overall weight

loss (you can find the recipe in the link below). The benefits are endless, but the solution is


Set yourself a challenge. I’ll be right there with you. Ditch the chips, the ice cream, and the

guilty pleasure cheese blocks. Get the kettle bubbling and pour yourself a steaming mug

of Red Tea. I guarantee – you will fall in love with the taste – and late night cravings will be a beast of the past.

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Is it possible to shrink fat cells?

What if I told you that there is a way to physically shrink your fat cells? Countless products

and diet plans have promised as much, and more. But I am about to reveal the method that

has worked wonders for hundreds of people worldwide pursuing fat reduction.

It sounds too good to be true, right? Read on to find out for yourself.

Tea has many benefits, for the body, stress and energy levels, and even in the prevention of

serious diseases. White, black and green tea have been tested, talked about, and consumed

for years on this basis, each with unique but valuable contributions to the body.

More recently, red tea has been recognised as their equal, if not superior. And here’s why –

red tea shrinks fat cells.

Rooibos, is a red bush from South Africa. The leaves are used once fermented in the tea’s

production, and they offer a range of benefits.

My recipe, as featured in the Red Tea Detox, combines rooibos with a specific blend, working

to melt fat.

Research has shown that components found in the rooibos plant, such as polyphenols and

flavonoids, inhibit the formation of new fat cells by 22 percent. The tea significantly lowers

dangerous fat found in the blood, such as triglyceride concentrations.

Other blends such as green tea, although rich in antioxidants, do not have the same impact

on fat cells or weight loss. Red tea is an exciting necessity, and one that has the potential to

seamlessly entwine itself with your lifestyle.

Ultra Skinny Detox Tea

Ultra Skinny Detox Tea

The Ultra Skinny Detox 30-day plan does so much to improve your health. No pills to take – it’s an herbal tea that works as a laxative to help cleanse your colon, boosts your metabolism and helps with weight loss and bloating.

This potent tea targets the visceral fat around the stomach – the most difficult to get rid of. The tea contains many proven ingredients that can help you with your weight loss goals.

Green tea is popular for its antioxidant powers and its ability to kick start the metabolism to burn more fat. Senna leaves are another powerful ingredient that works to detox the harmful toxins that build up in the body.

This detox tea is perfect for those who want to restore health to their digestive systems and lose weight at the same time. When you cleanse your digestive system, you’ll help it to effectively eliminate toxins that keep your weight on and can cause illnesses.

A natural cleanse that you get from the Ultra Skinny Detox tea flushes toxins from the body and leaves you feeling energetic and motivated to exercise and be more productive.

After your system is cleansed from the toxins that make you retain water, gain weight and have a sluggish metabolism, you can choose your food and other lifestyle choices carefully to sustain the boost you got from the cleanse.

One of the best choices you can make after body cleanse is to drink plenty of water. The water will flush impurities that build up naturally from your body and help the kidneys and digestive system to work properly.

Water also helps to keep your skin looking young and healthy. It’s like getting a makeover from the inside-out. The Ultra Skinny Detox tea cleanses and sets up your body to get the most from a healthy diet and water.

One other benefit from drinking the detox tea is that it soothes and relaxes you so you can get a good night’s sleep. And, when your digestive system works as it should, you won’t have the usual nightly problems such as heartburn.

A body full of toxins works about as well as a car engine that needs an oil change and filter. Otherwise, you’ll putter around in a sluggish state and fight to live the lifestyle you planned.

Cleansing the body’s system should give you the added boost you need to plan a diet and exercise program that will take you to the goal line and beyond. The Ultra Skinny Detox tea is smooth and tasty, but don’t let its gentle taste fool you.

This tea is a powerhouse of elements that can literally change your life. It only takes 30 days to try it and see if it works for you. The Ultra Skinny Detox tea is life-changing – especially for those who want to be healthy and fit.

Shed Your Belly Fat with One of These Diets

Belly fat is where many men and women carry the bulk of their weight when obesity sets in. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s also unsightly and embarrassing when you’re trying to squeeze into clothes that gradually get smaller and smaller as you gain.

There are many diets that help you lose weight all over, but some promote better digestion and reduce the bloating commonly associated with dietary changes. If you don’t mind the weight coming off slowly, then you might opt for a plan like Weight Watchers or Mindful Eating, where you can curtail the amount of food that you eat and watch your stomach deflate as you shed pounds.

But sometimes, you’re in a hurry – and you want to lose weight more rapidly. You might want to go on a low carb, high protein diet to eliminate belly fat faster. Carbs sometimes make people feel bloated, and cutting them in exchange for lean protein can help trim your waist quickly.

Using a Mediterranean or Whole Food diet where you’re getting plenty of fiber in the form of vegetables can help you say goodbye to belly fat. Choose vegetables rich in fiber such as lentils, artichokes and broccoli.

Vegetables help reduce constipation, which makes the bloating disappear. So as you lose weight, your body will reflect a flatter, trim stomach. Make sure you cook them in a nutritious manner so they don’t lose their nutrients.

Eat vegetables raw whenever possible, or steamed or grilled lightly to cause the least amount of breakdown possible. Add on a bit of olive oil for a healthy fat that delivers rich taste and even more benefits to your health.

Sometimes a good detox diet can help get rid of belly fat. It’s only temporary if you go back to your old ways of eating, though – so many sure you adopt healthier habits afterwards.

A sugar detox diet can promote better stomach health, banishing bloating and allowing your body to function better in many ways. Or, go on a low sodium diet to get rid of the water retention issues that often cause a stomach to bloat, too.

You could go on a fast from fast food for awhile. Junk food, and other processed foods, contribute to the inflammation that can invade your body and cause a massive amount of bloating and digestive issues.

No matter what, if you begin treating your body better by giving it more of the things it wants (such as probiotic yogurts and whole foods) and fewer foods that disrupt it (such as sodium and sugar), you’ll notice a big difference in the way your stomach is now, compared to how it flattens out on a new regimen.

6 Body Detox And Cleansing Myths And Facts

morning detoxThere are a lot of detoxing diets around as well as items or foods that claim to “detox” the body. Detoxification is designed to rid the body of unnatural chemicals and pollutants that are said to damage the liver, damage the kidneys, and help you lose weight.

Unfortunately, if detoxification were really all that helpful, everyone would be doing it.

Doing detoxification the wrong way can be damaging to your health. Before you get out the juicer and gather a bunch of healthy vegetables to eat at your next meal, you should really think about these myths and facts about body cleansing and body detoxification.

  • Detox Myth #1: Detoxification is the quickest way to lose weight. The truth is that while detoxes actually do help you lose the weight very quickly, most of the weight lost is body water and the weight will come right back on as soon as you stop doing it.

 Detox can also help you lose stool through diarrhea and that will cause your weight to drop fast but as soon as you eat, the stool will build up again. You can lose only so much weight when participating in a cleanse diet. It is much better to lose weight the conventional way—through eating a low calorie diet and exercising in order to lose the pounds. It is much easier to stick to a diet this way as well.

  • Detox Myth #2: Detox diets are better for you than a diet consisting of exercise and eating a fewer number of calories. While a diet claiming to be a detox diet is able to get rid of a few toxins from the body, it won’t help you lose a lasting amount of weight. It is much safer to eat healthy unprocessed foods and get to the gym for some exercise.
  • Detox Myth #3: You don’t have to exercise with a detox diet. While it is possible to lose weight with a detox diet without exercise, you are losing muscle mass by engaging in a detox diet and avoiding exercise. If you want to gain or tone muscles, going to the gym or exercising at home or outdoors is the best way to keep those muscles healthy.
  • Detox myth #4: You need to take it many strange juices and avoid eating food when detoxing. There are many healthy foods that will cleanse your system without needing to take in only expensive juices or eating so little food that you quit eating solids. Instead of juicing your way through a detox diet, you should eat a lot of sesame seeds, leafy green vegetables, and lemons (in a recipe or as the juice).

Green tea is another inexpensive thing to add to your diet that will clean your body out without starving yourself; it is a natural detoxification drink for those who really want to detox but don’t want to buy a juicer and juice up veggies and fruits.

  • Detox Myth #5: Drinking an excessive amount of water will detoxify the body. This is a myth that has some partial truth to it. Water does help the kidneys and liver function better but if you drink too much of it, it can be dangerous to your body.

Too much water can negatively affect the electrolytes of the body and can cause your kidneys to work overtime trying to get rid of the excessive amount of water you are trying to take in as part of a detox diet. Drink plenty of water while dieting but don’t go overboard.

  • Detox myth #6. You only have to go to the sauna to detoxify the body. While saunas are an excellent way to get rid of toxins after working out at the gym, this isn’t a way to have longstanding detoxification. If you spend too much time lounging in a sauna, it is just too easy to become dehydrated. In addition, trying to use sweat to get rid of your toxins, you can block your ability to detoxify your body over a period of time.

While many people take on these types of detox diets with the best of intentions, you need to know that it is possible for them to be dangerous to your body if you don’t do them right.

Start your healthy diet and exercise plan the right way, by lowering your caloric content, continuing to eat healthy foods in moderation, and exercising hard at the gym or in your home (or outside) in order to keep your muscle mass up or to tone your muscles as you help your body lose weight.


Withdrawal Symptoms

Have you decided to finally get rid of that addiction? If so than you might be interested by this article which was just published on the Healthy Living section of the Huffingtonpost blog:

Let’s face it: Any way you look at it, detoxing is not an easy thing to do. Whether you’re coming off cigarettes, sugar, alcohol or crack, who wants to do go through the intense cravings, the sweaty nights of lying awake, chills or the flu-like symptoms that can make you want to crawl up in a hole and die? I have experienced all of the above, and believe me I never want to go through that pain again.


In the early ’90s when I got clean and sober, after having used for years, it took a while for the fog to lift. However, when it finally did, I had a profound realization that was crystal clear: I wanted to help other addicts and alcoholics get clean as well. After taking a series of required courses I got a job as a counselor in a local detox center at Brotman Hospital.

While working there over the course of five years, I met many clients whose lives had been downsized to a pill, a crack pipe or a bottle of Jack Daniels. Others who laid in the fetal position in their beds, swearing they would never drink again. There were our frequent flyers and some we’d never see again.

We averaged about one death a month and those were just the ones we knew about. Others would simply go MIA, and when an addict goes missing, it’s usually not a good thing.

During that time one of the most common questions I was asked was, “What can I expect from my withdrawal?”

Here’s what the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) says about it:

Read on

Detoxing With Smoothies: The Way To A Healthier You


Have you been thinking about starting a natural body detox? If you feel fatigued day and night, sluggish or worn out and tired all the time, you might want to consider getting a natural body cleanser. A lot of folks, do experience these problems and just accept them as common everyday living, they don’t realize that these sensations are not normal in healthy individuals. It may be that your body is just trying to tell you something is not quite right. By using a natural body cleansing strategies, you are helping your body to purge the accumulated toxins and kickstart your natural digestive process.

What Are Smoothies?

Detox smoothies are the nutritious and delicious way of detoxing your body. Among all the detox drinks, they are one of the most preferred as they contain vitamins and minerals to function at its best.

green smoothie

fresh green smoothie with ingredients

Making Detox Smoothies

When you have the right ingredients, smoothies are easy to make. In this present times, it Is not only easy to discover the recipes that are required for good health, but also reasonable. The best thing about these ingredients can be found in powder form. These powders are easy to work with since they have all of the nutrients in the product and are not difficult to combine for the drink that tastes so good.

Power Foods For Detox

 All-About-the-Berries Smoothie: When it comes to detoxing, berries are your good friend because they all have the fiber and antioxidants. To purge toxins, and replenish your body, detox berries through a smoothie is just the thing your body needs. Blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries have a lot of vitamins.

Ginger Spice Smoothie: If you are trying to detox your body, Ginger root is a great way to keep you around. As far as flavor is concerned, ginger wakes up the taste buds and offers a power that are refreshing. Mixing it with cinnamon makes the detox smoothie a generous drink that gives anti-inflammatory benefits. It also kicks up the spiciness of the drink.

Green and Clean Smoothie: Smoothies of this kind is straightforward. The word green means the drink is incorporated with green fruits and some vegetable. Open your fridge and use anything that is green.

Extreme Detox Smoothie: Extreme is an intense word to use in a smoothie. This smoothie is labeled as a “kitchen sink” as it adds you in whatever you in your hand. Some of the foods that are presumed to work best in detox do not work well in a smoothie since most of them contains minerals and vitamins that support a healthy lifestyle.

Smoothie Detox has the power to cleanse the body of dietary and environmental toxins accumulated to lose weight or improve health. A detox diet minimizes the necessary intake of chemicals and emphasizes the foods that are high in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Additionally, smoothie detox emphasizes the foods that promote the elimination of toxins via excretion such as water and high fiber food.

Become a water warrior

It’s no secret that we need water. It doesn’t just detoxify and hydrate us, it literally keeps us alive. The cornerstone of good health is water and proper hydration. In fact, drinking the correct amount of water is essential to live life at your optimum level.

When most people think of water, they think about hydrating their system. But the reality is that water does more than just hydrate the system, it actually flushes the system. What’s the difference? Hydrating is essentially adding moisture or water to something, while flushing means that there is so much water in the system that it literally pushes the bad things out of your system.

Flushing yourself with water is recommended for getting rid of excess fluid in the body, (also known as ‘water weight’), oxygenating the blood, aiding in the digestion of food and even keeping dirt from getting into your eyes. Just to be clear, flushing your system does not mean that you drink as much water as you can as fast as you can. When you drink the correct amount of water throughout the day every day, you are flushing your system.

Of course, when most people desire water the most is when they are in the middle of a heavy workout. While it might seem like it is simple thirst that has you reaching for your water bottle at the gym, it might be even more. Water is able to regulate the body temperature and fight muscle fatigue. Even if your mind feels like it is simply thirsty for water, your body likely has many reasons it wants you to hydrate during these times.

Another great reason to drink water is to keep your bowel movements regular. While this is not a popular topic there is no way around it, everybody has to move their bowels every day to be healthy. Only when you are moving your bowels every day is your body able to remove all of the waste buildup that gets created on a daily basis.

Do you ever find yourself reaching for that second helping even though you know you are full? Water can save you from that. Because it helps you to feel fuller faster, drinking a bottle of water before your meals can help you to eat only what you truly want to eat during your meals.

in addition to drinking throughout the day try drinking a bottle of water first thing in the morning and before you go to bed to really feel the cleansing effects, for an extra kick add a few drops of lemon to a glass of warm water first thing in the morning – this is a great detoxifier.

Most of us are already aware of the importance of water to our well being, but struggle to drink enough and are actually walking around in a dehydrated state. Many people think of dehydration in relation to being violently ill and needing to be hospitalized, but that is just not the case. Many of us are suffering from some level of dehydration and don’t even know it. If you have dry skin, blackheads, brittle nails, or even itchy eyes you may be dehydrated.

If you get bored with taste of plain water, try some simple fruit infusions to liven up the taste such as lemon or strawberries. A bit of stevia can also help. Herbal teas can also serve as a substitute for water, although nothing is as pure as the real thing It is also important to note that coffees and soda cannot substitute for water.

The healthiest way to consume water on the go is by investing in a portable water bottle with a glass insert or one made from stainless steel. Keep this bottle with you and refill it throughout the day.

Do these detox diets actually work?

Have you ever done any of these detox diets? I personally tried some of those green juice diets but must admit I never felt much better.
Maybe I should not have given up so fast and keep at it but still I remain skeptical.
Below is an article on this very subject that might interest you too:

Does a Detox Diet Really Cleanse Anything?

Toxins can damage your organs, sap your bones of calcium, increase your body’s inflammation, and reduce your ability to fight off cancer.

Meanwhile, detox diets—from juice fasts to intestinal cleanses to strict elimination diets—promise to rid the body of toxins to help you drop pounds, reduce your risk of disease, increase your energy, and give you better skin.

“But all experts in modern medicine know this is a scientifically ridiculous concept,” says Brian Quebbemann, M.D., a bariatric surgeon with the Chapman Medical Center in California and president of The N.E.W. Program in Newport Beach.

“The human body itself is a powerful detoxification machine. It uses numerous sophisticated physiologic systems to prevent toxic substances from hurting our bodies,” Quebbemann says. Before toxins such as alcohol, excessive caffeine, phosphoric acid from carbonated beverages, vegetable oil, or even metals reach your blood stream, intestinal enzymes modify many of them to detoxify them or prevent their absorption. And if they do enter your blood stream, your liver and kidneys can pretty much take care of them.

Still, it’s worth mentioning that the liver can sometimes fall short—as is the case in people with liver disease—and toxic substances can accumulate in the liver and other organs. But there’s no evidence that a detox diet can do anything to prevent or treat liver disease…

Read on:

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