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Cultivating Happiness Despite Trials and Tribulations

Cultivating Happiness Despite Trials and Tribulations

It is easier for people to dwell in their unhappiness because the feelings they experience can be overwhelming. However, happiness can be a choice, and there are ways to cultivate it despite the trials and tribulations you may be experiencing.

  • Record lessons you learned – Through every hardship, there is a lesson to be discovered at the end. Without failure, you cannot learn, and sometimes failure is the best to learn. Anytime you feel down, think about what lesson you might need to learn and then find a way to be grateful for that lesson.
  • Practice gratitude – Learn to be thankful for what you have at any given time. If you feel hopeless, stop, and look around. Find gratitude in the simple things in life. The air smells good. You have running water. You love your cat. Whatever it is, you will start to feel better and happier almost instantly. Practicing gratitude is a great exercise to bring positivity and perspective to your world. Try writing down three positive lessons you learned each evening before bed in your journal.
  • Know your purpose – Give yourself time to figure out what you want to do with your time and what your purpose is. What do you enjoy doing, and what makes you truly happy? Is there something that you can’t wait to get up to do, or is it hard to go to sleep because you just want to keep doing that thing? Explore that more and start doing more of what makes you feel good.
  • You can be sad while being happy – It is essential to understand that the feelings of happiness and sadness can be experienced at the same time. You could be sad about a situation you are going through while being overwhelmingly happy about a different situation you are in that maybe you wouldn’t even be in the first place if the other situation didn’t happen.
  • Try to choose happiness – Any time you make the conscious effort to choose to be happy, you’ll find that life is much more enjoyable. If you find yourself being sad too often, take a step back and say, “I am going to be happy right now” and do it. Let go of whatever it may be that is making you unhappy, you can’t change it right this minute anyway, so move forward.
  • Know your life goals and destiny – Keep on this path no matter what. Achieving your goals and continuing on the road that is taking you to your goals will keep you happy no matter how many obstacles get in the way. Just keep going on as you jump right over each burden and pick yourself back up each time.
  • Do more fun things – Don’t wait around for fun things to happen to you. Make them happen. What do you enjoy doing the most? Figure it out and do it, and don’t be afraid to do it alone or to invite people to do it with you. It is okay to do things alone, but it is also ok to do something because you want to and have those you love to experience it with you.

Working towards happiness may not seem easy, but it can be done if you follow these tips. Don’t let negative feelings control you. Actively work on learning the lessons you are supposed to be learning in life so that you can experience true happiness.

7 Ways to Enjoy Life More

7 Ways to Enjoy Life More

You may not realize it yet, but if you are alive and reading this, you’re supposed to enjoy your life and be happy. Despite the dire outlook, you may experience on the evening news, life is not supposed to be a never-ending nightmare of bad news, tragedy, and hard knocks. However, sometimes it seems that’s all there is.

How can you start to enjoy your life, as if it’s your last one, right now, even when nothing is perfect?

Write a Life Mission Statement

The only way to make the right choices in life for yourself is to know what you stand for. What is it that you want to leave behind as your legacy? What about this life is important to you? What ideas, morals, and values are guiding you through this life?

If you can create a life mission statement or vision statement that spells you who you want to be at your very best, you can use that as a founding document to guide every choice you make from this day forth.

Become Mindful of The Power of Now

One of the problems with life is most of us are always thinking about the past or the future. However, your life is right now. Right now, it is truly all you can be certain of having. Because of this, you need to realize the power of now and become more mindful about truly and fully experiencing the moments in your life.

While, of course, you do have to take small steps today to take care of your future, you don’t need to live only for the future to genuinely enjoy your life. You need to live for now, while planning for the future.

Be Your Own Best Friend

So many times, we are nicer to our friends and family than we are to ourselves. The thing is each of us is truly alone. That isn’t to be depressing, but the idea that you need someone else to prop you up and make you feel good about life is not true. You can feel in love with life even when it’s just you because, ultimately, it’s always just you even when you enjoy fabulous companionship.

Making the right choices for your diet, exercise, education, career, and so forth are all things you need to do in a loving way. If you wouldn’t direct your best friend to do it, why would you do it to yourself?

Do Things That Bring You Joy

Many times, in our societies, the idea of experiencing things just for the joy of it seems foreign. But your value doesn’t only depend on how much you produce and how much energy you expend doing things. Your value also can be expressed through the joyful things that you do.

Every day do something that makes you smile, laugh, and cry with happiness. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hike in the woods, a bungee jump, or if you want to sit in a hammock and read a book for an hour – doing things that fill your heart and mind with joy is important for your happiness.

Help the Less Fortunate

It’s hard to be down about our own situation if we are actively involved with helping those who are less fortunate. And sadly, there is always someone less fortunate than you even if you don’t realize it. Make an action plan to involve yourself in empowering others and helping others, and you will experience a lot more joy in your life.

Stop Being a People Pleaser

Conversely, you don’t need to work so hard, making other people happy. For one thing, nothing is ever enough for some people. They don’t mean it, because they probably don’t even give it a thought that you’re just pleasing them by your actions or attitude. Because of this, it’s not their fault that you’re spending all your energy trying to please others. It’s okay to say no to things that you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do.

Practice Gratitude

Of course, always take the time each day to express in your mind, in a journal, or even to someone else what you are grateful for. The mind pays attention to what you focus on. If you focus on what’s not going right, you’ll start to feel nothing is right. If you focus on what is right, you’ll start to feel like more is right with the world.

You really can start to be joyful in your life right now. One way to prove this to yourself is to travel more. When you travel to other countries and see how happy some people are, even though they live in very different environments than most western nations people do, it starts to become more clear about what drives happiness, and it turns out it’s inside you and has been all along.

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Setting New Goals for Your Happiness as You Age

When you’re young, your goal is often to graduate college, find a well-paying career, get into a committed relationship, buy a house and start a family. Along this road, the young hope for financial stability, recognition and happiness.

For some young people, they want a life of adventure with no ties. They want to backpack across Europe and find their way as they go. When you’re young, the goals are often big.

Growing older, those goals all change. By the time you’re an older adult, you’ve already had or still have the career, you have the relationship, the house and the family. You’ve accomplished your goals, you’ve achieved what you dreamed about doing.

Once you’ve done this, you might discover that you’re not feeling the same happiness you once had. The reason for this is because you need to have new goals to strive for regardless of your age.

Seeking out goals and reaching for dreams gives a person a sense of purpose, which is tied in to a greater level of happiness. You need to have goals for your happiness as you get older.

Even if they’re not as big and even if you don’t pursue them with the same fervor a young person has, you still need goals. You can set goals and dream of what you want to happen and you should.

Having goals helps you feel younger emotionally and mentally and helps you be happier. The key is found in having focused goals. Some older people have simpler goals like getting started in exercising or moving closer to the grandkids.

Others have goals that are based on things they feel they missed in life. Maybe you’re always wanted to be an actor but life took some twists and turns and you never fulfilled that dream.

You can set a new goal and fulfill a dream by getting involved in community theater. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to lose weight but never seemed to have the time or energy.

You can start small, focus on a pound or two a week. Join a group so that you have support and social interaction as well. If you’ve always wanted to write a novel and dreamed about that, but haven’t started yet, it’s not too late.

Begin by joining a local writers’ group. Learn the craft and set writing goals such as a certain word count or page count a day. You have to know what your goals are and what your dreams are before you can do anything about them.

Ask yourself what moves you, what you’re passionate about, what thing or things you regret not having done. In the answer to those questions, you’ll find the goals that you need to work on.

You don’t want to look back on your life and feel depressed about what you didn’t do and what you feel you missed out. Instead, look at today as a clean slate. You can start now and you have an edge over younger people. You’re far more mature, you’re already settled in life and you have more resources that you can turn to in order to meet your goals.

Myths About Happiness and Aging

Studies have shown that there’s a strong link between your happiness and aging. People who are happy don’t age as fast as people who just don’t enjoy their lives. One of the reasons for this is because people who are happier tend to be healthier than people who aren’t.

They’re healthier because they’re proactive with their lives rather than simply accepting what will be will be. They don’t give in to all the myths about happiness and aging. There are a lot of common myths floating around about aging and far too many people buy into these myths as the truth.

One of the myths is that there’s nothing you can do about your body’s aging. This isn’t true. There are plenty of things you can do to make sure you help protect the length of your telomeres, which are a good indicator of your lifespan.

You can protect the length by eating right, exercising, getting rid of stress and focusing on things you enjoy and that make you happy in life. Another common myth is that as you grow older, you’ll experience worsening emotional health.

This isn’t true. You can be proactive and do things that make you happy. It’s also a myth that once you grow older, you should retire because you’re no longer as desirable to employers as younger people are.

Keeping a part time job can be beneficial to older people because of the social interaction and the boost in happiness. There are plenty of employers who are looking for older people because they know older employees are more mature and less likely to blow off showing up for work.

Getting older equals become crabby or negative is a myth. Older people don’t automatically become snappish and unhappy. As you get older, you’re going to have trouble with your cholesterol and your blood pressure is another myth people buy into.

Happiness is what affects your health, which in turn affects your aging. Happier people have lower blood pressure and tend to take better care of themselves, which means better cholesterol management.

It’s a myth that growing older means you can’t have plenty of experiences, both extraordinary and ordinary. As someone who’s growing older, you know the value of the big moments and the little moments in life.

You know that it doesn’t take a lot to be happy, that you can find enjoyment in all areas of your life. A myth about aging says that when you grow older, you need to start limiting what you do.

They say you shouldn’t travel and you shouldn’t get involved in activities like volunteering, mentoring or teaching. But growing older gives you a great opportunity to travel, to start a second career and to do things you enjoy.

It’s a myth that you need to be careful with your body as you get older, that because you’re aging, you shouldn’t engage in cardio or high intensity workouts. You can exercise and you can exercise heartily.

Many older people discover that they can get in better health in their 60s than they were in when they were in their 20s. Exercising can prevent cells from dying off. Be as active as you can be.

Another myth is that you should spend most of your free time with your family. Limiting social interaction isn’t good. You need to have a circle of friends outside of your family. People who do this find that it boosts their happiness level.

It’s a myth that you shouldn’t engage in group activities. Getting involved in regularly scheduled activities with other people not only helps prevent cognitive decline, but staves off loneliness and boosts happiness.

When you get older, it’s too late to be in a committed relationship if you’re not already is a myth. Having someone in your life that you can partner with can raise your level of happiness.

You should just live however you want with no goals in mind is a myth. When you have a reason or a sense of purpose to your days, it can raise your level of enjoyment out of life – especially if you’re helping do something for others such as volunteering to help tutor teens or serving food to the homeless.

Other common myths are that it’s too late to give up a bad habit such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption. It’s too late to start exercising. It’s too late to change your life. It’s okay to let yourself go. It’s never too late to reach for happiness and in the process extend your life expectancy.