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The Art of Enjoying Life

The Art of Enjoying Life

For most people, life is about finding and maintaining happiness. This can include many different things, depending on who you ask. For many, this can be a difficult thing to figure out and prevents them from truly enjoying their life. To learn the art of enjoying life, you must do things to discover it yourself because you can't feel joy if you don't know what makes you joyful.

Define Your Happiness

While happiness does have a concrete definition in the Oxford English Dictionary as good luck or fortune in success and prosperity, if you ask different people, their answers will vary. That is because happiness is up to the individual. Only you can create happiness for yourself because you're the only one who knows what makes you truly happy.

Only Say What You Mean

In other words, don't say yes to something if you genuinely don't want to do it. If you continue to live someone else's life to make them happy, you won't enjoy life. However, if you truly benefit from making others happy, then that is a great reason. Just be sure you are honest with yourself. If you don't feel happy and are frustrated while doing anything, don't waste your time by continuing. If you are not happy, what is the point of doing it?

Be Healthy and Active

Give your body the nutrients and physical activity it needs. Poor diet and exercise can lead to many health problems over time, only making your life harder. Adopting a whole foods diet and moving around at least 30 minutes a day is all your need to live a long life. You don't need to be perfect, but a healthy lifestyle is essential to enjoy life thoroughly.

Know Your Likes and Dislikes

If you are struggling with enjoying life, you are likely struggling with identifying yourself and finding your sense of purpose. To combat this, create a list of your likes and dislikes. Think of your achievements and the things you enjoy doing. What activities or questions do your friends and family always ask you about?

As you list your likes and dislikes, take special notice of the ones that interest you the most and further educate yourself on the topic. When you have a sense of purpose and direction in life, you feel fulfilled, satisfied, and happy. When you know what you like, it motivates you to get up each day and do your very best.

Remember to let go of perfection. Life won't be perfect and will always change, which is what makes it so beautiful. Always be willing to learn and try new things and go after what makes you happy to unlock the art of enjoying life.

You Know You're Ready For A Change, But You're Feeling Stuck

Dealing with the Discomfort of Mindful Living

Dealing with the Discomfort of Mindful Living

The first thing you need to know is that everyone has slip ups. You will, too. So don’t beat yourself up whenever you seemingly fail at mindfulness. The fact that you are observant about it and recognize it later is a step in the right direction.

Your mental and physical self might resist the practice of mindfulness. You don’t want to battle yourself, but instead recognize the feelings and push back and greet them with something that centers you, such as meditation, deep breathing or visualization.

Some people try to rush the process and make a change quickly so they can escape the discomfort they feel. Mindfulness shouldn’t be a process you hurry through. These quick fix solutions are rarely the right option.

You don’t have to sit still and meditate on something for hours on end, but at the same time, don’t be in a situation where you embrace your awareness and latch on to the first option you consider just so you can go back to not having to think about something.

Many people find that their initial foray into mindfulness is a very physical and emotional process. You want to learn how to be relaxed when you do this. Find a comfortable position, whether it’s seated or lying down in the beginning as you learn the ropes... 

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Eliminate Stress Naturally

Eliminate Stress Naturally

Stress is uncomfortable and can ruin anyone's day, week, or even year. It can be the one thing preventing you from being entirely successful and achieve your goals. It may feel awful and hard to avoid, but there are ways to eliminate it.

Go on A Walk or Hike

Get out in nature, soak in the sunlight, and break free from reality and other people. This is the best way to absorb vitamin D that is essential to living a healthy life. Maintaining adequate vitamin D levels is vital for a robust immune system, healthy bones, and a stable mood.

Use Aromatherapy

Light a candle, burn incense, or warm essential oils throughout your day. Aromatherapy is a known stress reliever as it activates feel-good chemicals in your brain. Allowing you to let go for a moment and relax.

Hug or Cuddle It Out

Find a consenting partner to share a hug or cuddle with. Just like aromatherapy, cuddling activates certain hormones that make you happy. Ultimately releasing any pressure, you may feel in the moment.

Get Crafty

Paint, sculpt or draw a picture. Let your imagination run wild and free. Let go of any expectations and create art. If it makes you happy, then you are doing it right. Who cares how the result looks, if you are having fun creating it?

Practice Positive Self-Talk

Stop talking to yourself with a negative tone. You are only doing yourself a disservice by keeping yourself down and demotivated. Any moment you can turn your negative thoughts into positive ones.

The more you tell yourself something, the more likely you will become it, so make sure it's always beneficial. Sure, you will always have moments of self-doubt but don't allow yourself to dwell on it.

Be Alone

While you may think you are a social being, separating yourself from others can be an easy way to destress. Often the people around you can be putting pressure and high expectations without being consciously aware of it. They can also easily affect your mood and desire to continue or finish a task.

Laugh A Lot

Nothing can be better than laughter. View it as a good dose of happiness. It inspires you to seek more and is highly contagious. Even if at first you don't believe it, you will eventually find yourself laughing at yourself. Laughter relaxes your body, releases endorphins, and reduces your cortisol levels being the perfect solution to releasing stress.

The next time life feels stressful, don't allow yourself to feel pity or self-doubt. Give yourself permission to take a break and follow one of these seven ways to eliminate stress naturally. You don't need to allow the stress to get in the way of your success and happiness, but you do need to learn to deal with it since it will always exist.

Preparing Your Life for Micro Mindful Habits

Preparing Your Life for Micro Mindful Habits

Mindfulness is all about living life with intention. Most people never even explore or understand what they want to do. They simply go through each day making quick decisions without careful thought.

Later, they suffer regrets and wish that they’d done things differently. They could have, if they’d slowed down and practiced mindfulness. It might take a little longer as you’re learning how to do it, but once you know how, it becomes a normal part of the process, so it speeds up for you.

Think about your intentions in life for whatever it is you want to improve. Don’t just wake up every day and go to work – think about where you want to be a year from now. Instead of living in a house with a spouse who feels like a roommate, think about your intentions for a healthy marriage and what that looks like.

Know ahead of time what your health goals are, your financial dreams and so on. When you spend a little time mapping out your intentions, it makes the decision-making process easier...

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Small Changes Add Up to Big Results

Small Changes Add Up to Big Results

Some people try to discount micro habits as useless, but these small changes add up to big results if you adhere to them over time. They’re far less intimidating and easier to implement.

Let’s use nutrition improvements as an example. If you want to get healthy or lose weight, you probably dread the overhaul on your diet that you’re used to trying to make. Usually, this extreme change fails miserably.

There’s a better way to implement micro mindful habits with your usual eating routine that will ease you into better health and weight loss without causing you to suffer the shock of a major change.

For example, if you’re trying to eat healthier, you might go to your favorite restaurant and feel the urge to order your traditional meal on impulse. But with a bit of micro mindfulness involved, you’ll be able to look back at how that meal has affected you in the past and what you want to happen in the future.

In the past, the chicken-fried-chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and casserole sides and a large soft drink has caused you to gain weight. But you love that meal and don’t want to say goodbye to it forever.

Instead of thinking about the need to eat healthier for the rest of your life, which can be disheartening, try going about it in a micro mindful way. Take each day and every meal as a separate and new opportunity to do better.

As you analyze your order, you might feel the tug of wanting to stick with your favorite go-to meal. Instead of forcing yourself to say no from the very beginning, ask yourself what you can do to make the order better... 

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How to Be Mindful in the Moment

How to Be Mindful in the Moment

When you’re living life as usual, it’s sometimes hard to even remember to be mindful at that moment. The way most people live today, they’re multitasking – on their phone, handling texts or emails as they’re sitting down at a restaurant or working on something at their job.

The first thing you want to do is remind yourself periodically to be attentive and tuned in to what you’re engaging in. You may even need to set little alarms once an hour to check in with yourself until it becomes an automated habit.

Once you go into mindfulness mode, take a deep breath and clear your thoughts of everything but the task at hand. You want to use all of your senses and allow any emotions to flow through you without trying to stifle them.

Before trying to make any kind of decision, be observant about your feelings and what you see or are experiencing at that time. Don’t make judgments about them, such as feeling stupid for having a certain reaction... 

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Mindful Living Is the Antidote to Overwhelm

Mindful Living Is the Antidote to Overwhelm

Change is hard, regardless of what area of your life you’re focusing on. When you’re used to doing things a certain way, and have ingrained and automated habits that guide you, it can be difficult to pull away from them.

The good news is that what you’ve been doing, you probably do without giving it much thought. So any bit of attention you give to an issue you want to resolve will allow you to make new decisions based on past experiences and results.

Mindfulness is a concept that might make you feel unnerved in the beginning. There are many things we do out of comfort automatically so that we don’t have to feel guilty or bad about our choices.

When you’re being mindful about something, it means you’re focused on it and applying common sense and thoughtful consideration to your options. You’re looking realistically at what results you’ll get if you make one decision over another... 

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Micro Mindful Living Habits

Micro Mindful Living Habits

When you want to make changes in your life, it can sometime feel daunting when you start thinking of everything that you want to overhaul. From your sleep schedule and nutrition regimen to your career pursuits and relationship efforts.

What usually happens on a day-to-day basis is we coast through life allowing things to occur until it reaches a breaking point, where you feel like you have to do something about it.

Then it feels like change has to happen right in that moment, which is an unrealistic expectation to make of yourself. Instead of embracing an unachievable goal, try to integrate micro mindful living habits that will put you on the path to success in whatever it is you’re trying to achieve without overwhelming you in the process. ....

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Find Motivation to Meditate

Find Motivation to Meditate

Meditation is a healthy habit to adopt that can destress and relax your mind and body. It develops mindfulness skills, increases your self-confidence, and focus on achieving your goals and living a happier life. Below are a few more ways to find the motivation to meditate.

Understand Your Why

Why do you want to meditate in the first place? Highlight these reasons and fully understand them. Do you want to meditate for yourself or someone else? Will meditation provide you the value or happiness you are looking for? Whatever it may be, write it down and visualize it. Make it obvious and use it as a reminder.

List the Benefits to Meditation

Ask yourself, "What benefits does meditation provide me?" Make the benefits evident and personal. You can go a step beyond by developing a reward system to keep you accountable. Creating more benefits as you go along your meditation journey.

Outline Your Obstacles

What is keeping you from meditating? Be honest and take the time to answer this question truthfully. It's easy to create obstacles that are not there or make them up to prevent you from being successful. This often leads to the fear of success and is something you genuinely need to take the time to reflect and dissect to combat.

Learn to Schedule Your Time Better

Always schedule a time to meditate. There is plenty of time in the day, no matter how busy you think you are. It merely comes down to proper time management skills. Using a schedule and ensuring you block out enough time for every task you do, including meditation, provides the foundation to better use your time. You don't need a lot of time to get started, add five minutes to your morning or evening routine, or split the difference.

Find A Community

Studies show that being with more like-minded people helps you achieve your goals. The community keeps you on track and prevents you from being distracted. It is easy to stay motivated and focused if everyone around you is on the same path. Join Facebook groups, other online forums like Reddit or find local events and clubs to find your people and collaborate.

As you can see, finding motivation takes work and is personal. You can't expect it to come to you. You must find the motivation to meditate and then use it to your advantage.

Benefits from Volunteering

Benefits from Volunteering

Volunteering is a vital service to your community. There are many organizations and people that struggle to get the items and things they need to live a healthy and robust life. It often takes the backbone, care, and empathy from volunteers to provide the help that your community needs.

While your community thrives on volunteers, it can provide you just as many if not more benefits to your life. The following are four benefits to you from volunteering:

Builds More Relationships

When you are part of a team, connections form, loneliness affects 3 out of 5 Americans according to Cigna's 2020 Loneliness Index. Loneliness leads to depression and anxiety that can wreak havoc on people's immune systems and the economy.

When you start volunteering, you’ll meet new people who share your values but are different from you. From those you help and those, you work with to volunteer. Creating new relationships and opening your life to more opportunities, knowledge, and understanding of the world.

Increases Knowledge and Understanding Of Others

As you volunteer, you get a clearer idea of how other people live differently or similarly to you. Opening your perspective and gaining a new understanding of the world. This increases your compassion and empathy. Knowledge allows you to live a more positive life and live with more intention.

Provides A Sense of Purpose

When you know your purposes in life, it’s easier to understand who you are and where you fit in best, within the community. This knowledge also helps to bring you a greater sense of happiness and success. Volunteering gives you a sense of direction and enables you to contribute to society in a meaningful way. As you continue to volunteer, you will gain a sense of pride. This develops your self-esteem, confidence, and strengthens your drive to continue volunteering.

Expands Career Skills and Opportunities

Volunteering often builds and enhances skills that employer’s value most. On your resume, add the teams you were on, the hours-worked, your job title, and your duties. This gives employers an idea of your skills, priorities, and preferences. It also helps them understand how much experience you have in specific areas and what important qualities you already possess.

Volunteering can also provide a new environment, where you can practice solving problems or help answer people’s common questions. Volunteering can be very beneficial, as you learn new things and help make life better for others.