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Chakras and Meditation

Meditation is a mental exercise in which a person tries to access a higher consciousness, gain wisdom, or both. Meditation is a vital tool for anyone who wishes to grow spiritually. It is particularly useful for balancing and focusing the energy in each of our seven chakras.

For those who ignore meditation, they tend to suffer from chronic dis-ease. Notice the origin of that word. Dis-ease and disease are the same thing, though one is mental and the other physical. Meditation can improve your overall health and well-being, plus make your mind more peaceful. You can reduce stress and gain a greater sense of contentment through skillful meditation on each of your chakras.

FlowerOfLifeDescriptionChakrasManMeditation done every day for a short time a couple of times a day has been showing to change the brain and make it easier to perform complicated tasks. It is also used as a means of transcending ordinary thought and existence in an effort to achieve enlightenment, a heightened mental state.

Meditating by repeating the mantra for each chakra, either on its own or in a series, can move your chakra energy. If you can’t remember every mantra, just think or chant Om or Aum (which should sound like 3 syllables (ah-oo-mm) and you will vibrate the energies needed to balance and heal.

One very powerful chakra meditation is to picture each chakra one by one, starting with the root chakra and working your way up. As you picture each one, feel it spinning and spreading its energy through every pore in your body. Once you get to the crown chakra, picture yourself radiating love and blessings outwards to every living being in the universe.

Then work your way back down from the crown. Picture yourself receiving all sorts of blessings from the universe so that they fill your body with a glowing white light. Then have that white light split up in to the colors of the spectrum, violet, indigo and so on, as you work your way back down all the chakras to the root chakra.

You can do with meditation on its own, sitting or lying down. You can also do it lying down and placing your chakra stones. If you wish, you can also use your essential oils. Sit up in this case and be sure that your oils are lined up in a row correctly so you do not need to fumble for them and break your concentration.

Meditation is a great way to focus the mind. Use it for chakra work as well and see what a difference it can make to body, mind and spirit.