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Cooling Off When It’s Too Hot Inside Your Home

Cooling Off When It's Too Hot Inside Your Home

Getting overheated can make you sick. It can also be dangerous if you overheat and don’t cool off. It can get too hot in your house in the event of a power outage. But sometimes, it can get too hot inside a home even when the electricity is on.

High temperatures outside can easily make it difficult for some air conditioning systems to handle the heat. But there are plenty of ways that you can cool off inside your home and some of these ways involve you using things you already have at home and don’t cost you anything.

When it’s hot inside, wet some thin sheets and put these in front of your open windows as well as in your outer doors. The dampness on the sheets help cool the air that’s circulating through your home.

If you’re finding that it’s too hot to sleep at night because your home is too hot, the damp sheet tip can also work for your bed linens. Just lightly dampen the sheets that you sleep on or cover up with and the light moisture will keep you cool.

Water is a natural cooler. Get in water by taking a cool bath or shower. You can also bring a kiddie pool indoors if the heat is dangerously hot inside your home. Keep your skin wet by applying cool, damp washcloths to your forehead, back of your neck and under your arms.

You can also spritz yourself with water from a spray bottle. If you don’t have one, flick water over yourself with your fingertips to cool off. When you have the water on your skin from whatever method that you use, get in front of an air conditioning vent, or an electric or battery operated fan.

The cool air on your damp skin can help cool you off as well as lower your body temperature. Set up fans throughout your home where they can keep a breeze going. Carry a battery operated hand fan with you so that you can keep a breeze directed at yourself.

You can also situate a fan so that it blows across a bucket or bowl of ice. This can cool you down and even cool off a small area such as a closed off room in your home. You can keep a room cool by shutting off all the other rooms you’re not using and remain as much as possible in one room.

It’s imperative that you stay hydrated. Drinking water can help cool you off. Make sure that you don’t wear clothing that traps heat. Wear loose clothing. It’s a known fact that heat rises.

So stay downstairs as much as possible and even sleep downstairs if your bedroom is on the second floor. Open up the windows to allow a breeze in at night if it’s safe for you to do so.

Avoid anything strenuous during the day, such as exercising or doing any household chores. Instead, switch anything that has the possibility of making you sweat to the night hours.

Don’t heat up your home by using your stove or oven. Choose to eat meals that you don’t have to cook instead. Unplug any appliance that generates heat, such as a computer. If it’s a light source, it’s producing heat - so keep your lights off except when it gets too dark to see in your home.

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