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Custom Keto Diet

Custom Keto Diet

You’ve probably heard of the Keto Diet and how successful it can be to help you lose weight. When you eat keto, it means that you’re strictly limiting carbs and instead you’re focusing on consuming meals that consist of protein, fats and other foods with very little, if any, carbs.

When your meals are keto based, what happens is that your body no longer has the glucose that it used to run on. So instead, it starts to burn stored fat. As a result of that, you will lose weight.

The problem is that just like any diet, you don’t need a one-size fits all approach. You’re not identical to another person who’s following a keto diet. You don’t have the same body type, the same food preferences or even the same mindset when it comes to dieting.

Even getting into a state of ketosis may vary – requiring no more than 20 net carbs for some, but up to 40 for others. So a diet that’s no flexible is just a failure waiting to happen.

That’s why you want something like the Custom Keto Diet. You need a way to learn all about keto eating that takes into consideration who you are as a person. Not who everyone is as a group.

You can eat keto, your way, once you learn how the diet works and you will lose weight. You’ll also notice that your health as well as your energy improves. Plus, you’ll be able to do all without scrimping on food or giving up the foods that you like the most.

What’s great about a keto diet is that you can gain all the nutritional information and not have to abide by any strict diet rules. You get to make your own path. You’ll discover that you can lose weight without regaining it.

You’ll learn that you don’t have to rigidly eat specialty foods that cost a lot and are as appetizing as a cardboard box. The keto way of eating follows a sound weight loss principle.

If you want to lose weight, you have to lower the amount of calories that you consume. But this is where a lot of people go wrong. They figure that if lowering calories is all it takes to lose weight, then why not go super low?

That’s what you don’t want to happen. If you take your calorie intake too low, then yes, you’re going to lose weight, but not in a healthy way. And you’re setting yourself up so that your body is going to begin to fight back against the weight loss.

You’re made for survival and your body is going to rise to the occasion to make sure that you’re not going to lose weight so fast that you’ll endanger your health. So it sends out an inner alarm that you’re not eating enough calories and then it deliberately slows down your metabolism.

It does this because your body is hardwired to kick into gear whenever there’s an issue - and not getting enough calories is a big problem for your body. This is what you’ll learn when you start uncovering the success behind a keto diet - that dropping your calories too low creates a detriment to weight loss, which of course is the opposite of your goal.

You need to know how much protein to eat, what kind of carbs, and how many to eat. You also need to know why it’s imperative that you consume enough fat. There is a balance of macros that you want to use with the keto diet and you have to understand it.

You need to learn how keto works so that you’re not just trying to white knuckle your way through the diet. You can bet that when you get hungry, the cravings will rise and demand your attention until you give in to them.

What you need to understand is that the keto diet is the most flexible diet you can follow. Nothing in it is set in stone so that you can’t make changes for fear of blowing the diet.

With this flexibility, you learn which foods give you the best results, and which ones can impede your success. This allows you the freedom to make your own good choices. If you break this down, it means that as long as the foods that you choose fall within the macros of keto, you’re on the right path.

Your diet would be broken down into percentages and you get to choose what you eat under those percentages. For example, you can choose between 60 to 80 percent of your calories from foods that are considered your fat foods.

You would then choose for your protein to be comprised of around 15% or more, depending on what you a lot for your fat foods. The remaining 5 or 10% would be for the foods that contain carbs.

The keto diet is completely customizable. The goals that you’ve created for yourself won’t be the same as the next person’s. That’s why following a plan that teaches everyone the same thing with the same foods and the same recipes never works.

Who cares how successful a diet is if you absolutely hate the food choices? Or if following something to the letter means that as soon as you stop following it, the weight all comes rushing back?

Keto is a plan that allows you to fit the diet into your life going forward rather than trying to fit your life into the diet.  You want something that’s effective and yet doesn’t rob you of the joy of eating.