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Dealing with the Discomfort of Mindful Living

Dealing with the Discomfort of Mindful Living

The first thing you need to know is that everyone has slip ups. You will, too. So don’t beat yourself up whenever you seemingly fail at mindfulness. The fact that you are observant about it and recognize it later is a step in the right direction.

Your mental and physical self might resist the practice of mindfulness. You don’t want to battle yourself, but instead recognize the feelings and push back and greet them with something that centers you, such as meditation, deep breathing or visualization.

Some people try to rush the process and make a change quickly so they can escape the discomfort they feel. Mindfulness shouldn’t be a process you hurry through. These quick fix solutions are rarely the right option.

You don’t have to sit still and meditate on something for hours on end, but at the same time, don’t be in a situation where you embrace your awareness and latch on to the first option you consider just so you can go back to not having to think about something.

Many people find that their initial foray into mindfulness is a very physical and emotional process. You want to learn how to be relaxed when you do this. Find a comfortable position, whether it’s seated or lying down in the beginning as you learn the ropes... 

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