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Dr. Sebi Diet

Dr. Sebi Diet

One of the benefits of choosing to follow a healthy diet is that you’ll feel better. Plus, your body can eliminate the toxins that are found in many processed foods. For a diet that can do that, plus help you lose weight, you can check out the Dr. Sebi Diet.

This diet focuses on creating meals based around plants. It works by relying on the eating methods to create an alkaline base in your blood. This makes it unappealing to toxins.

The alkaline is created by the foods and herbs that you’ll eat. If you want to lose weight and eat healthy, then this is the diet you might want to considering choosing. But if you’re someone who enjoys eating meat or dairy foods, then this diet wouldn’t be the right one for you.

In addition to planning your meals around the foods that are given on the food list, you’ll also need to take supplements. You’ll discover how to avoid foods that can lead to cell damage.


The theory that’s behind the diet is bio-mineral in nature and was created through Dr. Sebi using herbology. Because it’s low in calories, it’s good for anyone who wants to lose weight or someone who wants to eat a plant based diet.

To get started, you have to commit to eating only foods that are named in the Dr. Sebi Diet plan. The list of foods contains items such as fruits, but these fruits are specific - some of them are off-limits because they don’t fit the parameters set the by the plan’s creator.

For example, you can’t have any fruits that don’t contain seeds. On this plan, you can also have vegetables, but like fruits, there’s a short list of what you can have. If it’s not on the list, then it’s not considered okay to consume while on the diet.

Grains are allowed, but only certain types of grains. Some, like wheat, you have to avoid. You can also eat some types of nuts as well as seeds. Oils are listed on the diet such as avocado oil and while olive oil is allowed, this is okay only if it’s uncooked.

The plan promotes the consumption of herbal teas as beverages. You’re supposed to drink at least a gallon of water a day and you also have to take the supplements that go with the diet.

There are some deal breakers with the diet that include not drinking any type of alcohol. Some compare this plan to a vegan diet. To get started using this method, you would need to get a copy of the nutritional guidelines list and begin from there.

There are some mistakes that you’ll want to avoid to be successful. Because sugar is found in so many processed and canned foods, you’ll want start slow rather than going cold turkey. Otherwise, the sudden elimination of sweets might cause the cravings to be too strong and you’ll end up falling back into your old eating patterns.