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Eat Strategically During the Seasons to Help Your Immune System

It’s beneficial to choose the best foods to eat each season that will boost your immune system. When your immune system is strong, you’re less likely to get sick, regardless of whatever is going around.

There are plenty of great foods that can aid your immune system. During the fall, you can find an abundance of pumpkins. This food is loaded with plenty of vitamins. For example, it’s rich in vitamin A.

This vitamin is necessary to help with your body’s cellular health - including boosting the ones for your immune health. Make sure you eat plenty of squash as well. This vegetable is also loaded with vitamin A.

Plus, it contains a B vitamin, which can help fight against the winter blues. Don’t neglect eating fruit in the fall, even though some may not be as plentiful as they are in the summer.

One fruit that you should have plenty of during the fall are apples. Be sure to eat the skin, too - since apples contain flavonoids that fight inflammation and boost immune health.

In the winter, many people stop eating the foods that help the immune system and that’s a mistake. There’s plenty of produce that you can choose that will help keep you healthy through the season that’s known for colds and the flu.

Eat a diet that’s rich in vitamins, like kale. This is plentiful for antioxidants and other nutrients that boost immunity. Have some spinach and other leafy greens, too. These foods contain plenty of vitamins - including the important vitamin C....

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