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Five Habits Preventing You from Fully Enjoying Your Life

Five Habits Preventing You from Fully Enjoying Your Life

Taking the time to evaluate your personal habits, strengths and weaknesses, and other habits you have in life, is essential to living a happier life. It’s a secret and powerful tool to gain more control of your life to do more of what you want.

While life may sometimes seem out of our control, there are likely many habits you are doing that have more effect on your life than you realize. This could be because you are focusing on the wrong areas. In other words, it is important to only focus on what you can control or change to improve the projection of life.

The following are five habits that can prevent you from fully enjoying your life, with some tips on how to overcome them:

Poor Diet and Exercise Routine

A poor diet and sedentary lifestyle encourage fatigue, symptoms of depression and anxiety and negatively affect your happiness and mood. All human bodies need certain nutrients and movement to stay healthy and live sustainable lives. The more you avoid your diet and exercise routine, the more likely you are to feel and be unhealthy.

Living without a Plan or Goals

Developing a plan with short-term and long-term goals allows you to feel more in control and provides a sense of direction. It is only natural to feel lost or confused if you don’t know where you are going in life. Therefore, writing down specific goals that are genuine to you provides clarity and purpose.

Negative Self-Talk and Keeping Your Emotions to Yourself

Being negative and harboring your emotions will only keep you down. Managing your emotions does not mean you should avoid them or always share them with others. It is about finding healthy boundaries and sticking to them – with yourself and others. This includes avoiding negativity even when no one is around.  

Making Excuses and Not Taking Accountability

You will fail or make mistakes. We all do. You cannot avoid it unless you don’t take any action at all, which is the last thing you should be doing if you want to live a more enjoyable life. Owning up to your mistakes allows you to grow and become a better person. If you do something wrong, it’s not a tragedy. It just is what happened, and you can learn from it. However, you can stall it if you don’t take accountability.


Waiting for others to help or for something to magically come your way will never bring you the joy you need in life. Anything you want in life will require you to take action.

If you are guilty of any of these habits, be sure to lead with forgiveness and understanding, and follow the tips to improve. Unfortunately, it is only natural to fall into these habits. However, as long as you do the work to avoid or enhance them as much as possible, you will continue on the right path to living a more enjoyable life.