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Food Gardening Basics for Beginners

Food Gardening Basics for Beginners

One of the best ways to eat healthy, save money and find some stress relief all at the same time is to start a food garden. You don’t need to have any prior experience with growing food to get started, either.

All you need are some fundamental instructions and a little bit of planning and you’ll be able to grow your own food from seed to plate in no time. Every season, you’ll be able to boost the nutrients you consume and cut back on your spending for pricey produce.

Planning Your Gardening Growing Space

Once you decide that you want to grow your own garden, the first step is to determine what type of garden you’re going to build and where the location will be. Some beginners grow their garden indoors.

This option is chosen for the purpose of saving money, while still having healthy fruits and vegetables to eat. It’s also a choice made because raising an indoor garden can be easier on those who can’t necessarily get around as well physically.

This type of garden can be grown by anyone of any age. When you create an indoor garden, you’ll have some of the same growing needs to consider that you would have if you planted an outdoor garden.

You’ll need to determine a container system. Many indoor gardens are hydroponic ones. This means that soil isn’t used as part of the growing process. By using a hydroponic system, your plants grow quickly, but they do require power to grow. This is not one of the cheapest methods to use for growing an indoor garden.

Some people use an aquaponics system, which works hand in hand to grow plants by using a fish aquarium. Container gardening is something that can be used indoor or outdoor.

You can use window boxes, pots, planters, or baskets. You can use barrels, plastic containers and more. Nearly anything can be used as long as it has a proper drainage system.

You can create a tower garden in order to grow plants. This means that you’re growing things vertically rather than horizontally. This allows you to grow more plants in less space, so it’s a great idea for things like small apartment patios or other homes with limited room to grow a garden.

You can even grow a tower garden in a corner of your kitchen if you want to have it inside rather than outside. Raised bed gardening is where you plant things in areas built up over your soil. ...

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