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Four Steps to Building Confidence

Confidence is essential in order to move forward and go after your dreams. No matter what life throws at you, confidence prepares you for it. Conversely, lack of confidence can decrease the quality of your overall health, make it difficult to make the right decisions, and prevent you from achieving your goals.

It’s simple: when you don’t have the confidence or belief that you can accomplish something, you are less likely to do it, which then makes building up your confidence a high priority if you want to live happily and successfully.

Here are four steps to follow to build more confidence and improve your life.

Step One: Start with Positive Self-Awareness

Often, a lack of confidence means you don’t have enough information or knowledge to do better. To seek this information, you need to be aware of your actions and those around you. However, it needs to be met with positivity for you to grow and be more confident.

It’s simple. Negativity only brews more negativity. Mistakes don’t need harsh responses. Everyone makes mistakes; it is a natural part of life. However, having increased self-awareness allows you to see the areas where you truly thrive and discover you have more than it takes to be successful in life.

Step Two: Learn to Embrace Failure

Fear of failure is a real fear, and it’s a common reason why people lack confidence. However, having this mindset will only worsen the situation because you are more likely to respond poorly when it does happen – creating a ripple effect that is harder to come out of.

In contrast, most successful people have failed many times throughout their life and see those failures as the sole reason they are there in the first place. Without failure, they would not have discovered the tools they know today. Likewise, expecting failure means finding the tools and resources to overcome it.

Step Three: Ditch Absolutes

As previously mentioned, negativity only creates more negativity that hinders your overall success, which is why negative thoughts or absolute thinking must be stopped right away. Saying the words “I can’t” or “I will never” will only keep you down. Any time you catch yourself saying these words, turn them around – even if you don’t believe them at first. Positive words of affirmation increases your confidence by keeping your thoughts more positive.  

Step Four: Take Action and Recognize Improvement

The last step is always to take action towards your goals and dreams no matter what. Surrounding yourself with the things or people you love and want builds your confidence exponentially.

When your confidence is low, remember these four simple steps to get you back on your feet quickly. Remember, confidence is something that needs to be maintained. It is only natural for it to go up and down. However, what you do or don’t do to change makes a difference. With these steps, you will be sure you have the confidence you need each and every day. Before you know it, you will achieve your goals and live the life you were meant to live..