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Gaining Control Over Your Addiction

Gaining Control Over Your Addiction

There is hope! You most definitely can gain control over your addiction.

The related information above was not meant to disturb you or cause you to look at the world in a pessimistic way. You should be optimistic about your outlook. Humans got themselves into this position, and with some discipline, can get themselves out! The information has merely been provided to urge the seriousness of the issue and provide societal context so the reader can understand exactly how insidious and wide-spread phone addiction truly is.

The information is intended to bring the jarring reality to the surface so that you can be motivated to bring more conscious awareness to your every-day actions and change your habits. Too often, because of the way the world is now set up, people brush aside these concerns because it has become such a main- stream way to live life.

As described above, it is considered “the norm” to spend almost half of the day looking at some type of screen. People don’t consider this to be a serious issue, but that is because the issue itself has taken root in so many people that it is hard to see the forest through the trees...

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