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Get Ready, Get Set, Get Healthy and Lose Weight

  • Get Ready, Get Set, Get Healthy and Lose Weight
  • Losing weight is something many of us face multiple times each year. We want to lose enough to get into that tiny summer swimsuit or look good at the class reunion. So, we jump right into the latest diet trend that promises “quick and easy weight loss.”
  • That method of not pre-planning weight loss strategies usually doesn’t work - and if it does, it will just last for a little while. There’s another method for getting ready for your best and final weight loss journey that will work – and you can expect it to last because it becomes a lifestyle rather than a brief diet plan.
  • When you decide to get healthy, there are some things you need to know before you spring it on your mind and body. These suggestions will help as you prepare your body for weight loss success.
  • Begin Your Weight Loss Journey in Good Mental Health
  • Your mindset is critical, especially in the first few days of your diet. So, before the diet’s start day, begin reading about and finding new things that could motivate you to stick with the diet and overcome the challenges you’ll face.
  • It takes little effort, but the payoff is huge. Set your weight loss goals before beginning your diet plan. Be realistic. It’s difficult to lose weight and you don’t want to make your goals so far out of reach that you can’t possibly achieve them.
  • Trying and failing can bring you down mentally, making you abandon your desire to lose weight and become healthy. Your body image is also a mental barrier that you may need to think about and overcome before you begin to lose weight.
  • If you think negative thoughts about your body, you may never believe you’ve lost enough weight to make a difference and lose confidence in yourself and your diet. When you see yourself realistically, you’ll be more motivated to begin a healthy weight loss program.....

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