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Getting the Curcumin You Need from Food Alone Is (Really) Hard

Getting the Curcumin You Need from Food Alone Is (Really) Hard
So, wait… what about trying to get all the curcumin you need from food sources, such as the turmeric you find on spice shelves in stores or even fresh turmeric?

Well, first of all, you'd have to eat a LOT of it – like every single day.

How much, you ask?

Consider that dry turmeric powder is only about 3% curcumin by weight. That means to get a typical dose of 500mg of curcumin, you'd have to consume over 16 GRAMS of turmeric powder, which equates to about 4 teaspoons!

I'm not sure if you've ever tried adding turmeric powder to recipes, but a little bit goes a LONG way when it comes to taste.

And even then, these food sources of turmeric have the SAME poor absorbability issues as the turmeric/curcumin in most supplements!

Furthermore and unfortunately, as worldwide demand for turmeric has skyrocketed, modern-day mass-agriculture has indeed taken HUGE shortcuts in turmeric production... with devastating consequences.

Instead of the ancient turmeric cultivation methods that resulted in a truly rare and ultra-healthy spice, many today are using GMOs, chemical fertilizers, and other unnatural products.

The soil is being abused via chemicals and other mass-farming processes. Some are also farming near highly urban or industrial areas where there is dirty air.

All this and other "industrial farming" short-cuts are resulting in turmeric / curcumin that can potentially pose serious health risks.

If you're seeking a turmeric that actually provides your body all of curcumin's powerful benefits, the bottom line – one more time – is to make certain it lists the clean and highly effective CurcuWIN® on the label...