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Getting Your Time Back

Getting Your Time Back

Humans are adaptive. Civilization has existed for many
centuries without relying on phones. For the younger
generations, this may seem impossible to imagine, but it is
Human minds were not intended to and not evolved for
excessive device usage. There is simply too much stimulus for a
person to handle nowadays. There is nothing to be ashamed of
if you are experiencing phone addiction, or if someone you love
This information may seem unsettling, but there is a bright
While addictions are tough to overcome and those amid such a
struggle may feel hopeless, addictions can be defeated.
Addictions are created and maintained by a series of toxic,
repetitive habits and behaviors. Through actively
understanding the nature of phone addiction, one can break
their addictive phone-use cycle and increase their mental

If you take the time to learn about what unconscious habits are
creating addictive behavior, then you can change your habits,
and thus change your behavior. This may seem very challenging
at first, as it can seem for any addiction. Change is frightening
and the first few days will be extremely difficult if someone is
severely addicted to their phone.....

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