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Give Yourself Enough Time

Give Yourself Enough Time

Among the many misconceptions about fitness, the amount of time it takes to get in shape is certainly one of them. Many people expect to see dramatic results after a few weeks of training.

To people more experienced with fitness, this sounds ludicrous, but many people do expect results that quickly. In reality, fitness is a game of consistency and patience. Sporadic exercise and dieting cycles won’t really get you anywhere, but instead you should be exercising consistently throughout the week.

After a week of clean eating and regular exercise, you can expect to lose one to two pounds. If you’re 60 pounds overweight, it’s going to feel like it’s taking forever, but you’ll get there as long as you stick to it.

Some weeks, you might even stall in weight loss, even if you’re doing everything right. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up or make some drastic change, just stick to your plan and eventually your weight loss will continue.

In a few cases, sometimes you do need to make small changes to lose more weight. However, it doesn’t have to be anything crazy. You might work out for an extra 15-30 minutes each day, or cut out one of your snacks from your diet plan.

Try making small adjustments like this at first, and if your weight loss continues, just keep it up. Many diets and workout programs claim to be able to get you to drop crazy amounts of weight in a very short time... 

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