Have you heard about all the green tea benefits?

Have you heard about all the Green Tea Benefits?

Much has been said about green tea benefits and how good it is for your health and how the Japanese who drink this all day long are in a better condition than most of us but did you know about all the benefits claimed by this amazing tea type?

Here’s an excerpt of an article listing 10 benefits and I must admit that after reading it I went straight to the kitchen and made me some green tea:

Top 10 New Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is a refreshing, delicious, and healthy drink that many people across the world enjoy. Outside of being an enjoyable drink and carrying years of cultural heritage, research has suggested that numerous tangible benefits result from drinking it. From promoting heart health to perhaps preventing cancer to even fostering psychological well-being, green tea has made a name for itself as one of the most healthful drinks there is. Here, we explore ten different benefits of green tea.

List of the Best Green Tea Health Benefits
1. Heart Health

heart-health-green-teaIn many studies, regular consumption of green tea was linked to an overall decrease in cholesterol and blood pressure. It also was shown to prevent various heart diseases brought about by cholesterol and blood pressure, such as congestive heart failure and atherosclerosis (the progressive hardening and blocking of the arteries). Also observed was a tendency of green tea to ease blood flow just thirty minutes after consumption. High cholesterol and other forms of heart disease are almost always the products of many years of buildup, so adopting green tea into your lifestyle (combined with generally healthy practices) would lower your chances of future heart problems. Even drinking a cup a day can be a great investment for later life!
2. Mental Health

The cardiovascular benefits of green tea are also linked to improved brain function, because better blood flow results in the brain receiving more blood. This enhanced brain function generally includes better short-term cognitive and perceptual processing—essentially an increase in brainpower. Of course, this claim is backed by solid research, a Swiss study demonstrated, through MRIs, that regular drinkers of green tea had higher activity in the working-memory areas of their brains (the area of the brain concerned with perceptual and linguistic processing).
Further studies also hinted at green tea delaying or preventing Alzheimer’s disease by stopping the formation of harmful plaques. While green tea shouldn’t be mistaken for some sort of magical nootropic, incorporating it into your lifestyle should certainly help improve your mental capabilities by a degree.

3. Prevents and Helps Manage Diabetes

Diabetes (the type II variant) is a very common disease that results from the body not being able to properly process sugar. Green tea has been shown to manage blood sugar levels in people with diabetes; this is because it induces a biochemical interaction that helps cells metabolize sugar (mainly glucose) better. This has done wonders for people with diabetes who regularly consume green tea.
Regular consumption of green tea also seems to prevent diabetes. A Japanese study found that people who drank 6 cups of green tea a day were 33% less likely to develop type II diabetes. A series of similar studies also found that while most types of tea help with the prevention and management of diabetes, green tea is ideal for this purpose.

Here’s the link to the full article including the other 7 benefits:https://gazettereview.com/2015/07/best-health-benefits-of-green-tea/