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“Healthy Eating” Trends You Should Skip in 2016

Are you all set for the start of the new year? Have you drawn up your new years’ resolutions yet? If so than losing weight by changing your eating habits and finally getting back to some serious exercising is probably on that list. Before you stick that list on your fridge I recommend you read this interesting article from GoodHousekeeping about those healthy eating” trends

1. Paleo Products

Enough with the “bullet-proof coffee” and “Paleo-wraps.” Most of these marketing-heavy products are just that: All fluff. (And did I mention high in calories and saturated fat?). Most paleo products swap coconut for whole-grains or dairy — an easy way to add calories from fat to an otherwise healthy food! While there’s nothing wrong with some good-for-you fat in moderation (see point #6), the paleo product industry has seriously capitalized on the fat-frenzy… which in the long term will likely lead to a tighter belt and an emptier wallet (did I mention most of these are super expensive?!). Skip ’em to save unnecessary calories … and dollars.


2. Weight-Loss Teas

File this under, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Just … no. Skip these herbal teas that promise a 10lb weight loss in the next hour, dropping a dress size by tomorrow, or fitting into your skinny jeans in time for NYE. Drink tea you love for taste (and other health benefits!), not for weight-loss.

3. Juice Masquerading as Water

Coconut water, watermelon water, maple water … they may have a healthier surname, but they’re just juice, dressed up for Halloween and pretending to be water 365 days of the year. While many are lower in sugar than juices from concentrate, you’re still better off eating your calories and drinking water or seltzer — especially if you’re looking to lose weight (as many of us are) and decrease your risk of chronic disease (all of us). The only people who should drink the occasional juice-water? Athletes (not you, my regular gym-goer!). If you’re exercising vigorously for more than one hour daily, you have my blessing to drink these as what they are: Sports drinks…

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