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Healthy Habits That Encourage Better Sleep

You can try all of the over the counter medications and natural healing techniques you want for helping with your insomnia, but if you don’t have healthy habits in place, you may not reach your goal of restful sleep. There are some healthy habits that you can try to encourage better sleep and to help you reach your goal of reduced or no insomnia. Here are a few of those habits and how to start them in your daily routine.

Turmeric Milk

One of the healthy habits that can encourage better sleep is the addition of turmeric milk, sometimes called turmeric tea, at night. This milk is a simple cook turmeric paste mixed with warm milk and sipped on like a drinking chocolate. The turmeric can help with inflammation and muscle soreness which can wake you at night and cause restless sleeping patterns. The turmeric milk can be taken anywhere from half an hour to an hour before bed to give it enough time to work through your system.

Yoga Practice

For some people, the restless sleep is due to feeling tense or stressed from the day. This stress can rest in the muscles and throughout the body causing tension. That tension can lead to a score of other issues including headaches and muscle aches. Though turmeric milk can help with some of this, it doesn’t go for the root cause if that cause is stress and tension. Consider the healthy habit of yoga as part of your daily practice. The stretching and breathing combination can help remove stress and tension, give you a focus that is not the stress of the day, and help remove tension from your body. Doing this before bed can be incredibly helpful towards a pattern of restful sleep.

Detoxing Bath

A detoxing bath is something that may or may not be considered as a healthy habit, but it is. This habit helps remove stress from your muscles and relax your body as well as your skin. You may not think of skin as a necessary detoxing for better sleep, but consider this. Skin can become dry, tight, and uncomfortable. A detox bath can help with skin issues such as severe dryness and cracking. The bath can soothe the skin and moisturize it. Adding moisturizer to the skin following the bath can seal the benefits of the detox into your skin. Combine this with turmeric milk and yoga practice can be a triad combination that works ideally for your sleep issues.

Keep in mind that any habit takes around a month to put in place and keep in place as part of your daily routine. Give yourself time to adjust to the new healthy habits and give the habits time to work. This will help you reduce stress and give you a goal in mind for each of the habits.