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High Calorie Survival Food to Keep Up Your Energy in Any Conditions

High Calorie Survival Food to Keep Up Your Energy in Any Conditions

You have to consume a minimal amount of calories for your body on normal days. Calories are the fuel that your body runs on. When you don’t have enough calories, not only will you lack energy, but over time, this can cause you physical harm.

When there are survival situations, such as extreme cold or hot weather events, it’s even more imperative that you have plenty of high calorie foods on hand. This is because you’re going to inevitably end up burning more calories when your survival is on the line.

For example, you might not realize it, but just the act of shivering when you’re cold burns calories. When your normal way of life is disrupted, you’re probably expending more energy because you’re having to do more physically just to stay alive.

Without enough calories, you can become lethargic. While this might not be dangerous in your normal everyday life, when faced with a survival event, lethargy can be. You won’t react to dangers as quickly and you’ll have trouble thinking and concentrating without enough high calorie food to give you energy.

It might be tempting to believe that there are no right or wrong foods to have during a time of emergency, but there is. You have to have items that aren’t going to spoil easily.
You also need food that you can grab and go in the event that you have to bug out.

That means that you’ll need a lightweight food source that’s already put together. This won’t be a bunch of heavy cans that would be a burden if you have to flee. You’ll need things like survival food kits that are in lightweight packaging.

That way, you can have them packed in a bag and just grab them and go. These types of food items are measured according to caloric need, so you get your daily recommended number of calories, but you can also find high calorie ones.

They’re also easy to prepare. Most of these foods are simply made by adding hot water. Some you can eat right out of the pack without any preparation. You’ll need foods that are designed to be eaten in the event that you don’t have a heat source that you can use.

The kinds of foods that you buy should focus on proteins, fats and carbs. Protein rich foods alone won’t pack enough calories or carbs for your survival needs. You need to stock food items such as peanut butter, nuts and dried fruits.

All of these are high in calories. You’ll want also want to buy a supply of powdered milk. Look to stock up on dried foods that are starchy and high in calories such as dried potatoes.

Have brown rice and beans on your supply list. Stock survival rations that are high in carbs and calories. Have a stack of canned meat, trail mix and candy bars, too. These foods will work whether you’re at home during an energy outage or on the go.