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How Changing Your Mindset Can Help With Your Mental Health

How Changing Your Mindset Can Help With Your Mental Health

If you are currently dealing with mental health issues, whether you have diagnosed anxiety or depression, anxious thoughts, or a lot of emotional stress in your life, working on your mindset can do wonders. This is not a quick fix or meant to replace professional help, but it does help a lot with managing your mental state on a daily basis.

How and Why Mindset Matters When it Comes to Mental Health

What is your mindset? Simply put, it is the pattern and way you think about everything in life, and the world at large. It can be as simple as what your thought process is on a fun night out with friends, and as deep as how you process severe loss and trauma. Everyone has a different pattern of thoughts and emotions tied into their mindset.

It is also possible to change your mindset which can ultimately improve your mental health. When it comes to mental health, you are going to work on your fixed vs growth mindset, which allows you to change how you think about progress and what can be improved in your own life.

You Have the Power Over Your Mindset

Yes, you can absolutely change your own mindset! But don’t let this be confused with taking blame for your mental health or mental illnesses. It doesn’t mean you are the reason you have stress or anxiety or depression, but that you can control how you handle it. It is also not going to be a cure or get rid of your anxiety completely.

With mental health, there is a middle ground between understanding it and accepting that you have this mental illness, and looking for ways to deal with it in order to treat it and manage it. This is a big part of nurturing your mental health.

Understanding Fixed Vs. Growth Mindsets

While there are many ways to change your mindset in order to improve your mental health, the fixed vs growth mindset is a great place to start. Many people develop a fixed mindset without realizing it. This means most of your beliefs can’t be changed – or not yet. You have certain beliefs and think that what you know and understand and experience is just what you were born with.

With a growth mindset, it is nearly the opposite. You understand that with the right therapy, education, and open-mindedness, anyone can change. That even with your mental health, you can look at things differently. That you aren’t stuck in this cycle. 

You Know You're Ready For A Change, But You're Feeling Stuck