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How Sleep Affects Your Weight

How Sleep Affects Your Weight

There are many times when you may have a strong desire to lose weight and you believe you’re doing everything you can to achieve your goal. But you could accidentally be undermining your efforts.

Most people who commit to implementing a weight loss regimen focus on the obvious things that could be causing weight gain or preventing weight loss. That includes things like eating too many calories or not exercising enough.

But there’s a sneaky saboteur that might be one of the biggest obstacles thwarting your weight loss success. When sleep is evasive and you’re left struggling for enough energy and alertness to get through your day, it changes how you use food in your everyday life.

Instead of using it to nourish your body, your body sends out alarms that energy is lacking. It creates strong cravings for the crutches that can help you get through the day, like sugar and caffeine.....

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