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How to Be Mindful in the Moment

How to Be Mindful in the Moment

When you’re living life as usual, it’s sometimes hard to even remember to be mindful at that moment. The way most people live today, they’re multitasking – on their phone, handling texts or emails as they’re sitting down at a restaurant or working on something at their job.

The first thing you want to do is remind yourself periodically to be attentive and tuned in to what you’re engaging in. You may even need to set little alarms once an hour to check in with yourself until it becomes an automated habit.

Once you go into mindfulness mode, take a deep breath and clear your thoughts of everything but the task at hand. You want to use all of your senses and allow any emotions to flow through you without trying to stifle them.

Before trying to make any kind of decision, be observant about your feelings and what you see or are experiencing at that time. Don’t make judgments about them, such as feeling stupid for having a certain reaction... 

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