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How to Find More Motivation to Eat Right

How to Find More Motivation to Eat Right

To eat right means to eat a well-balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, and protein needed for your body to run at its best. The goal of eating right is, most of the time, to live an overall healthier life.

Eating right and healthy for your needs can seem like an impossible task as all the wrong foods seem to taste the best.

However, following a routine and knowing how to eat right can make the challenge a little easier, so keep educating yourself. The main thing you need to do it is to find the motivation to do it. Motivation comes from education and understanding your reasons for doing it in the first place.

  • Know your why – You must first know why you want to eat better. Is your reason to be healthier overall, to lose weight, fix a nutrition deficiency, or something else? Write down your reasons for eating better and put it somewhere that you will see every day. This way, you have a reminder, especially if you are eating certain foods that may not bring you too much joy.
  • Try new and fun recipes – Search YouTube and Google for fun and easy healthy recipes. You do not need to eat the same boring food every day to be healthy. There are plenty of easy, nutritional, and fun recipes a try. Plus, it can be fun to try something new and different.
  • Establish a routine – Routines are a great way to stay motivated because it provides a clear path for success each day. Write down what you plan on eating each day and follow it. If the food you choose is healthy and you eat the number of calories you need, you’ll succeed.
  • Be forgiving – Forgive yourself if you happen to fail. Ultimately you will fail because you are human. Take that failure and learn from it and then move on. The more you focus on your failures, the more you waste time, and ultimately the more you will set yourself back, so don’t fall into the trap.  Just start fresh right after you slip.
  • Do it with a friend or loved one – Sometimes a healthy challenge with a loved one or friend can be a great motivator to eat right. Set a goal with a friend or even challenge or spouse to eat more veggies, drink more water, and move more with you for the next 30 days. See who makes it and then reward the winner.
  • Put money on it – If all else fails, sometimes money can be a great motivator. There are plenty of websites or apps such as that make this even easier and fun. You can also win money. On  you join a weight loss challenge of losing 4% of your body weight, put in a certain amount of money, and if you get to your goal weight, you and the other winners get to split the pot of cash. How fun is that?

If you do the work to eat right, realizing it doesn’t have to taste bad or be boring, you won’t fail. You may have mishaps along the way, but you are only human, and it is bound to happen, so pick yourself back up and keep going.

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