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How to Keep Other People from Influencing Your Mindset

How to Keep Other People from Influencing Your Mindset

It is hard enough dealing with your own thoughts and feelings, ad controlling your own mindset, but when you allow others to dictate how you feel as well, you are destroying it unnecessarily. People can influence a lot in your life, both good and bad. There is nothing wrong with taking someone’s opinion, asking for help, or even accepting criticism if it is constructive.

The problem is when you allow these opinions from others to completely derail you. When they bring you down, cause stress, make your anxiety worse, and create an inner dialogue of negative self talk.

If you feel like your lack of progress or happiness in your life is because of other people – now is the time to stop letting other people have so much control over you.

Don’t React Right Away

When someone says something negative to you, whether it was a little constructive criticism or a straight up insult, don’t react right away. This is the best way to control how you react and think about what someone else has to say. If you don’t immediately react, you not only prevent yourself from saying something you will later regret, but you can actually help control your own emotions. By not reacting, you aren’t going to let yourself be affected by it. Just let it float right past you and remind yourself it doesn’t matter.

Avoid People Who Provoke Negative Thoughts

There are always going to be certain people who have nothing nice or helpful to say. Why worry about them? Just ignore them and get them out of your life if necessary. No matter how much inner strength you have, there are always going to be people who try to push your buttons and bring you down. These people are unhappy in their own lives, so they take it out on others. Just avoid them – they will never be helpful or supportive to you.

Remember Your Opinion is the Most Important

The only opinion you need to worry about is your own, end of story. Sure, it helps to get a little guidance and support from others, but it should stop there. When it gets to the point where you aren’t asking for advice from others, but they still like to tell you what to do or not to do, bring you down, or give rude criticisms, that is when you should ignore them completely and just worry about how YOU feel about it.

Other People’s Views are Their Own

If you still need a little help with understanding how other people should not influence YOUR mindset, remember that their views and opinions are their own. They really have nothing to do with you or what you are trying to accomplish. You aren’t able to please everyone, and not everyone will like you. That is the beauty of being an individual, a human being. That’s okay! Just be yourself, do your own thing, and worry about your own views.