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How to Sleep Better Even When You’re Anxious

How to Sleep Better Even When You’re Anxious

If you struggle with an anxiety disorder or are feeling anxious lately, then it is likely you are also struggling with sleep. This is unfortunate because sleep affects everything in your daily life, physically and mentally.

Research shows that if you don’t get adequate amounts of sleep, it can lead to weight gain, depression, and a weak immune system. Therefore, it is imperative to get sleep every night.  To ensure that you can sleep at night, try these tips for sleeping better even when you’re anxious.

Eat Plants

Cut out the simple carbohydrates and artificial ingredients and preservatives. Stick to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. The cleaner the diet, the more you can be sure your diet is not making you anxious. You may also experience other positives, such as weight management and improved health.

Drink Enough Water

Drinking water is a soothing task and crucial for overall health. Being dehydrated can make symptoms of anxiety worse. Research suggests that you should drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water a day.

Skip Caffeine

Caffeine is known to make anxiety worse and can be found in many foods and beverages besides coffee. Make sure you switch anything you drink to water to be on the safe side to avoid making it any worse. A proper diet and exercise routine, as well as staying hydrated, can leave you feeling energized throughout your day to where you won't even notice you didn’t drink coffee.

Side note: I personally sleep like a baby ever since I started taking cbd oil  and I highly recommend you try it !

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Exercise Daily

Allow endorphins to flow through your body and cause a sense of relaxation through exercising. Exercising is known to release chemicals that make you feel good such as endorphins, which is why it is excellent for stress and anxiety relief. Make sure you do your exercises in the morning so that by the time you are done for the day, you are even more tired before you go to bed. If you exercise right before bed, believe it or not, you may get a boost of unneeded energy, so keep it for the morning time or the 3 in the afternoon energy slump.

Eliminate Lights and Screens

Before you go to bed, make sure you get rid of all lights and screens from cell phones, computers, or TVs. Make sure your cell phone is far away and not within reach. Lights of any kind are a distraction, and your mind may believe its daylight no matter what time it is. Start with 30 minutes before bed, and if that doesn’t work, keep stopping this activity sooner until your body gets it.

Journal Your Issues

A great way to rid of stress is by finding out what is causing it and then seeing how you can combat the cause to make the stress away. Any time you feel anxiety rearing its head, write down what you are thinking and feeling. Then see if there are things you can do to fix it, set up a plan to make it happen. Maybe you are feeling anxious because you forgot to pay a bill. If you have the money, get up for a second and pay that bill so you can get to sleep.

 As with anything, there is a solution to the problem if you work for it. Don’t let being anxious ruin your sleep. Follow these tips, and you will be sleeping soundly in no time.


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