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Is Happiness a Choice?

Is Happiness a Choice?

Many people believe that feeling and being happy is a matter of circumstance, but what if you could actually control it? Here are some things to consider when trying to become a happier, more fulfilled person.

If You Have Positive Emotions, You Feel Positively

This is proof that you can actually control when and how you feel happiness, since you are in control of your emotions. It is true that your emotions are often dictated by thoughts and the circumstances happening in your life, but you might have more control than you think.

Think About What Makes You Happy

To start feeling happier in your life, think about what brings you the most joy. What always puts a smile on your face? What increases your positive energy any time you experience it? Make a list of every thing, situation, activity, and person in your life that makes you feel happy. This might take some time and require a bit of soul searching.

Think back to times when you felt joy, that instant spark of happiness where you knew you would remember that moment. It could have been reading a really good book, relaxing at a spa, being with your close group of friends, or working on a creative project.

Keep adding to this list to become aware of what makes you happy, and also what doesn’t.

Be Grateful for the Little Joys in Life

There are many little moments in each day of your life that can bring happiness if you let it. These are the moments that we often take for granted because they seem so typical or mundane. But just because it is something you experience every day, doesn’t mean it isn’t special or that it doesn’t add to your overall happiness. The beauty of expressing more gratitude is finding these little things that make you happier.

It might be your morning cup of coffee, going for a walk in the evening with your dog, sitting on your couch after a long day, or a daily meditation practice. All those simple things that slowly add to your feeling of happiness.

Have More Compassion and Empathy

An amazing way to be a happier person is to become a more compassionate and empathetic person. This means compassion for others and yourself. Start to open your mind to what others experience and go through, offer your support and understanding. Help out others when you can, without getting into your own personal boundaries. And always have compassion and kindness for yourself.

Be Mindful with Negative Emotions

Having negative emotions is human and completely normal, but how you handle them is what might keep you from being fully happy and content in your life. When you feel a negative emotion, like anger or jealousy, just be mindful of it. Understand where it is coming from and that it isn’t going to last forever. Try to flip it into a positive emotion when you feel ready.

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