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Low Carb Snacks to Fuel Your Energy

These days, everybody is always on the go and finding time to get your nutrition in on a low carb diet can be difficult when you’re in a rush. First off, planning ahead the day before by packing your snacks in the fridge or leaving them out will make it much easier to head out the door before your busy day.

Whether you make your own snacks or buy premade snacks, it’s important to remember to prepack them ahead of time because if you forget them and have to buy random snacks throughout the day, it can throw your whole diet off.

Premade sets of food such as tuna, eggs, beef sticks, nuts and protein bars are great grab and go items to use as snacks throughout the day. You might want to think of your travels for the day if you’re going to be out because some snacks might need to be refrigerated or packed in cold temperatures unless it’s not refrigerated in the store – such as a protein bar.

The refrigerated items will be good for settings like home or work, where you usually have some sort of refrigerated option available. If you want to take a break from the same old prepackaged meals at the store, then try making some fresh snacks from home!

Making nutritious snacks at home does take a bit more time, but the end result is a low carb snack you’ll love because you put ingredients that you prefer into it, and there are hundreds of recipes online for low carb snacks as well.

A few popular homemade low carb snacks are: Celery Peanut Butter sticks, trail mixes, or something like a lettuce roll up with turkey and cheese inside. It doesn’t matter if you decide to buy your snacks or make them fresh from home.

The only real difference is your preference in flavor and ingredients. The macronutrients should be similar regardless of how you decide to prepare your food. Ideally, if you’re following a specific meal prep or eating schedule, these snacks should be kept on hand for moments when you might have to miss a meal or absolutely can’t wait until your next meal.

Snacking all throughout the day – even on a low carb diet – is not ideal. Always try to keep a steady eating schedule. This will make tracking your macronutrients much easier as well.

Plus, it will help your blood sugar stay level. However you decide to use your new snack preparation advice, take it all one day at a time, and don’t cheat yourself out of your hard earned work!