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Lower Back Pain Is a Big Problem for Both Men and Women

Lower Back Pain Is a Big Problem for Both Men and Women

When you experience lower back pain, you may have a variety of symptoms. Some people will feel like they have a muscle ache or that the muscle in one area of the back is tender.

But other people may have pain that feels like something is burning beneath their skin. Common in both of these symptoms is that physical movement can make the pain worse.

You’ll find that you start limiting yourself physically. Or, it might cause you pain to stand, so you sit more often, which can actually worsen back pain due to the increased inactivity.

Lower bBack pain is common for both men and women. Between 50 to 70% of both sexes will, at some point in their life, have to deal with back pain. This type of pain isn’t just limited to adults, either.

Kids and teens can also have problems that cause pain in the back. There are certain physical conditions that can be labeled as the underlying cause of back pain if it’s not something like an injured muscle.

For example, in women, endometriosis can cause lower back pain. Men usually experience back pain due to a ligament strain from lifting more than they should or lifting in such a way that their back muscles are unsupported.

Regardless of what causes the pain for women or men, there are consequences when it does happen. When you’re in pain, it can make physical activity worse, so it can lead to missing days or weeks of work, which also means lost wages, causing stress in your life.... 

If you have a job that’s sedentary, just the act of sitting can be too uncomfortable. Studies have shown that between 80 to 90% of people who suffer from back pain end up missing a significant number of work days.

Dealing with lower back pain can lead to depression. One study showed that depression is four times more likely to occur when people struggle with back pain. This is because of the way the pain affects all areas of their lives.

lower back pain

For example, having this type of pain can make sleeping uncomfortable or even cause insomnia. This affects your mood because you’re exhausted from the lack of sleep. You may have issues with cognitive function and feel anxious as well.

When lower back pain is an issue, you can struggle from a lack of mobility. This can keep you housebound and limit the amount of interaction you would normally have with other people.

This lack of interaction leads to isolation, which can cause depression or deepen it. If you’re used to being able to take care of your own needs or those of your family members, being unable to do so can also cause depression.

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