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Mindful Living Is the Antidote to Overwhelm

Mindful Living Is the Antidote to Overwhelm

Change is hard, regardless of what area of your life you’re focusing on. When you’re used to doing things a certain way, and have ingrained and automated habits that guide you, it can be difficult to pull away from them.

The good news is that what you’ve been doing, you probably do without giving it much thought. So any bit of attention you give to an issue you want to resolve will allow you to make new decisions based on past experiences and results.

Mindfulness is a concept that might make you feel unnerved in the beginning. There are many things we do out of comfort automatically so that we don’t have to feel guilty or bad about our choices.

When you’re being mindful about something, it means you’re focused on it and applying common sense and thoughtful consideration to your options. You’re looking realistically at what results you’ll get if you make one decision over another... 

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