Moov:the world's most advanced fitness device

Moov:the world’s most advanced fitness device

I just discovered this new fitness app called “MOOV” which is being presented as “the world’s most advanced fitness device” and I must say it looks really really awesome and so much so I have just put it at the top of my Amazon wishlist and will be buying it shortly.

Here’s an excerpt of the BusinessInsider review which was published in may of this year:

I just tested out the ‘world’s most advanced fitness device’ for cycling — here’s what it was like

Recently I tried out Moov’s personal-fitness device, a wearable that offers workout data and virtual coaching in real time via updates using a smartphone screen and audio feedback.


Moov raised a ton of cash last year through crowd-funding, and this week it is rolling out its first cycling app, which is what I used the Moov for. (There are Moov apps for other activities, but I used only the cycling app.)


The Moov is a sleek circular gadget about the size of an Oreo cookie. The company calls it “the world’s most advanced fitness device.” For cycling, you wear it on your left or right leg using the provided ankle band, and it connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It charges via USB cable. The Moov device costs $79, and the cycling app is free.


I tested the beta version of the app for iPhone 6, the final version of which will be available Wednesday at midnight PST, according to the company. The Android version of the app is still in beta testing and will be released in two to three weeks, the company said.

In case you’re wondering, the Moov never popped out of the ankle band while I was using it; it stayed firmly locked in until I took it out, and it never felt as if it might come loose…

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