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Naturally Occurring Probiotics in Your Food

Naturally Occurring Probiotics in Your Food

You can change your diet to include probiotics through the foods that you eat. The easiest way to get this help for your digestive system is to include plenty of fermented foods.

Fermentation is what happens when foods are broken down and changed by a natural process. It’s been used for many years as a way to preserve food. During fermentation, bacteria that’s good for your gut develops.

You also get the benefit of things like helpful fatty acids. Some beverages also go through the fermentation process, but you have to make sure that the probiotics aren’t taken out - as happens with certain alcoholic beverages.

When food is fermented, it goes from one state to the next. If you take fresh cucumbers and ferment them, the fermentation process will turn them into pickles. These have probiotics and are easy to add to your diet.

Most people recognize the stronger fermented foods such as sauerkraut. This food is simply cabbage that’s been allowed to go through the fermentation process. The process for this food can take anywhere from 3 days to longer than a week.

Cabbage is also used to make kimchi, which is a spicy Korean dish that’s packed with probiotics once it ferments. Dairy foods can become fermented probiotic rich foods. There are many types of cheese that are fermented and contain probiotics, but not all cheeses will.

Some of the ones that do have probiotics including mozzarella and cheddar. You can ferment to produce soft cheeses such as cream cheese or cottage cheese. Another dairy product that can be fermented is milk....

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