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Nutrition Hacks and Tips for Runners

Whether you are a brand new runner or training for your next marathon, the food you eat can contribute to your success and overall fitness.

We are what we eat, and our food is not just fun, it is fuel to keep us going throughout our busy day and during each workout. Therefore, choosing the right fuel can make all the difference between a full tank and running on empty, and between high performance and a clogged engine.

Here are a few nutrition hack and tips for runners to keep you well-fed and fueled for optimal performance.

Cut the sugar

It may give you sugar highs but can’t sustain you during a race and has little nutritional value.

Choose ‘slow carb’

Some argue that carbohydrates or carbs keep you fueled with the energy you need, but as with sugary food, not all carbs are created equal. Choose slow carbs that take a while for the body to digest, such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and whole-grain bread and breakfast cereal in small amounts. Add oats to your diet and try quinoa as well, actually a little seed which is packed full of nutrition.

Go for fiber

Fiber help you feel full longer. The carbs discussed above are all good choices.  So are fruits and vegetables, also good sources of hydration.

Watch your protein

Protein is essential for healing and repairing the body after a strenuous workout. Lean sources of protein include salmon, beans like kidney beans, and legumes like brown lentils. You can also get it in tofu, soy protein, which can be eaten in solid form or drunk as soy milk.

Add nuts to your diet

A lot of people steer clear of nuts because they are high in fat. However, they are also high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and healthy fats that can reduce cholesterol. They also have protein and are quite filling.  Almonds are one of the best nuts for lowering cholesterol and can be eaten as is or ground up for almond flour, low in carbs, and almond milk, a refreshing alternative to soy milk or cow milk.

Peanut butter is a cheap and easy snack you can take anywhere with crackers, veggie sticks or apple slices.

Nuts and dried fruits like raisins, cherries and diced prunes, are perfect for your own homemade trail mix. Add a sprinkle of high-quality dark chocolate chips for the perfect post-workout snack.

Pay attention to your diet and see how much better you start to run.