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One of the First Signs of Severe Depression Is Neglected Hygiene

Most people are somewhat familiar with some of the well-known symptoms that are associated with depression such as fatigue, sleeping too much, withdrawing socially, irritability and anxiety.

But one of the first signs of severe depression is often the most overlooked. When someone is suffering from severe depression, they will often neglect to care for their hygiene.

Not being interested in self-care is a hallmark of the condition. It’s tied in with the low energy, a struggle to concentrate, and suicidal thoughts often associated with severe depression.

This form of self-neglect occurs because the person who is dealing with it loses interest in wanting to take care of his or herself. They often feel that there’s no use in trying because it won’t matter.

There are several areas where you may notice obvious signs of neglected hygiene in someone struggling with severe depression. They may forego oral hygiene by not brushing their teeth and by not caring how their breath smells to others.

When someone has severe depression, they often don’t neglect their hygiene consciously. They simply don’t care. The effort just isn’t worth it to them. Someone in the midst of severe depression will often not bathe or shower.

They may develop a strong body odor and seemingly be unaware of their state. People who reach this level of depression can go weeks at a time without bathing or showering.

If someone points out their state, the depressed person often either doesn’t respond or will react in anger. You can notice someone who is in this state of hygiene neglect by the condition of their hair.

They’ll often not wash or brush their hair. As a result, their hair will look tangled, greasy or limp. Severe depression and hygiene neglect can also be noticed by the state of someone’s dress.

They will often either not change out of their clothing for days or weeks at a time or they’ll wear dirty or stained clothing. You might notice that the person doesn’t take care of their shaving needs.

Men may let their facial hair grow to the point it becomes unkempt. Women may allow their leg or armpit hair to grow and not care about shaving it. Many people in the state of severe depression won’t trim their finger or toenails.

While some people with this level of depression aren’t willing to care for their hygiene, some have reached the point where they’re no longer able to mentally cope with caring for their needs. These are all warning signs that indicate the person needs a mental health checkup.