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Mental Health and Aging

Mental Health and Aging

Is there a link between mental health and aging? The answer isn’t straightforward. There are various considerations when exploring this topic. Studies have shown that over 20% of people above the age of 55 in the US experience one type of mental health issue or the other. The most common psychological issues among this population are anxiety, mood disorders, and severe cognitive impairment. This chapter will leverage research and anecdotal data to discuss the association between mental health and aging to give you a better insight regarding the link.

Mental Health is Crucial

Unknown to many people, your mental health is as important as your physical health. In fact, you cannot separate the two because they affect one another in multiple ways. Moreover, some symptoms are common to both physical and mental issues. For example, loss of appetite is common in both cases.

According to the World Health Organization, you are not healthy until your mental, physical, and social well-being are in good states. Poor mental health
will affect your rate of healing from physical illness and also make you prone to substance abuse. So, you can be confident that mental health issues will speed up the aging process, just like physical challenges.

Mental Health Challenges aren’t Norms for Older Adults

As stated earlier, depression isn’t a normal part of aging. However, depression isn’t the only mental health concern that is not a norm for older adults. Anxiety disorders are also for both young and old. Indeed, research has shown that seniors are more susceptible to psychological problems.

A study showed that around six percent of older adults in the US have a diagnosable depressive illness. Nonetheless, research shows that one in four American adults is battling one mental health concern or the other. So, the issue isn’t restricted to older adults... 

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Dietary Tips to Whittle Down Your Waist

belly fat

Dietary Tips to Whittle Down Your Waist

When you have belly fat, it’s important that you lose weight in the waist area in order to improve your health and cut down on your risks of developing serious health consequences.

There’s a lot of talk about the types of fats you should and shouldn’t have in your eating plan. What you need to remember if you have belly fat is that trans fat is bad news. This type of fat can not only cause you to gain weight in the abdominal area, but it can also cause things like heart disease.

Studies have shown that people who consume a diet that’s heavy in trans fat gain a third more weight in their belly than people who try to avoid this type of fat. Up your fiber intake in order to slim down your belly.

When you consume fiber, you end up not eating as much as you normally would. Fiber rich foods take longer to digest. Because you stay full longer, the fiber fullness keeps you from eating more and packing on more weight.

Look for food items that are high in soluble fiber. These are things like beans, including kidney, lima and black beans. Many vegetables are high in this type of fiber. Choose ones such as carrots, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, broccoli or avocado.

Eat fruit for fiber, too. Apples and pears are loaded with soluble fiber. If you have a lot of alcohol consumption as part of your diet, you need to change this. Alcohol is linked to belly fat.

If you don’t want to quit drinking altogether, then practice moderation. Avoid eating too many addictive foods. Ones that contain a lot of sugar can quickly create a craving and you’ll want to have it repeatedly in order to get that “fix” you get from eating it....

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Physical Exercise to Burn Fat Around Your Midsection

burn fat

Physical Exercise to Burn Fat Around Your Midsection

When it comes to the type of exercise you need to do in order to burn belly fat, you have a lot of options. Many exercises target all over body fat, but they also help get rid of belly fat at the same time.

One of the best kinds to choose is aerobic exercise, also known as cardio. Not only does this help shed pounds and belly fat in particular, but it can improve your overall health, too.

This is because cardio exercise helps get rid of the fat around your organs. The type of aerobic exercise you do matters, though. While any movement is beneficial, the more intense the workout, the better it is at getting rid of belly fat.
You need to concentrate on regular exercise as well as the amount of time you spend exercising. While a 10 minute workout is better than nothing, it won’t eliminate belly fat quickly.

Studies suggest that performing aerobic exercise for an hour and fifteen minutes a week will help reduce belly fat. However, if you aim for 250 to 300 minutes of exercise, you’ll lose the belly fat quicker.

Some examples of cardio exercises you can do include things like running or swimming. But you can also bike or take part in fitness classes, too. The good thing about aerobic exercises is that even if your diet isn’t completely healthy, you’ll still end up losing belly fat.

You just need to make sure that whatever type of aerobic exercise you choose to do, that you do it regularly for at least 30 minutes. If you have health problems that get in the way of performing many exercises, then you can start walking....

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Breathing Exercises and Other Techniques to Remain Calm

breathing exercises

Breathing Exercises and Other Techniques to Remain Calm

Breathing exercises? Yes if you’re looking to improve your ability to stay calm and collected under pressure, then there are numerous different techniques you can use. One of the most potent is to learn to control your breathing, which can immediately help you to feel calmer and avoid being pushed over into the stress response.
In this post, we’ll be looking at some breathing techniques you can employ to stay calm, as well as looking at some other techniques you can use.

Equal Breathing

Equal breathing is a technique from yoga, which essentially requires you to breathe in and out through your nose. While doing this, you maintain your breath for an equal amount of time on the in-wards and out-wards breaths. So you might breathe out for 4 seconds and then breathe in for four seconds.

This helps you to empty your lungs and fill them with fresh oxygen. What’s more, the slow and deep breathing will allow you to trigger your ‘rest and digest’ state which is similar but slightly different to the ‘fight or flight’ state and is controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system. This is a great way to stave off an anxiety response.

Breathing From the Stomach

Another breathing technique to try is simply to breathe from the stomach as we are naturally designed to do. If you try breathing right now and note whether your stomach or chest moves first, you may well find that you breathe by leading with your chest. This limits the amount of oxygen you can take in with each breath and that can increase stress.

Instead, breathe by first allowing your abdomen to expand. Use your transverse abdominis and expand your abdominal cavity. This will allow your diaphragm to drop into that space, opening up your lungs. You can then follow by expanding your chest and you’ll have more space in total to take in more oxygen.

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breathing exercises

Power Positions

Power positions are positions that have been shown by research to trigger the production of testosterone and other positive, stress-fighting hormones. One is the ‘victory pose’.

If you simply stand with your arms above you in a ‘V’ shape, as though you had just won a competition, this will increase your production of testosterone, helping you to feel more confident and more driven. Of course it’s best to do this somewhere private before the event you’re nervous about!

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breathing exercises
breathing exercises

The Danger of Simply Accepting That Spare Tire

belly fat

The Danger of Simply Accepting That Spare Tire

Belly fat is the worst place for fat to be on the body. Though it’s become more common as people gain weight, it’s dangerous to just accept your spare tire without trying to do something to get rid of it.

You might think that your belly fat isn’t that bad and that you’re not at risk. You can check yourself at home with a simple measuring tape you’d typically use for sewing. Place the tape measure across your belly where your belly button is.

If you’re a woman and your waist is 35 inches or greater, that means you have a dangerous amount of belly fat. If you’re a man and your waist measurement is 40 inches or greater, that means your health is on the line as well.

The higher your measurements are beyond the 35 and 40, the greater your health risks are. These measurements are an indicator of how much fat is affecting you that you can’t see.

Belly fat isn’t something that just affects your waistline. It also affects your internal organs. Having belly fat means that your internal organs are being smothered by fat as well.

This is known as visceral fat, and though you aren’t able to see it, it’s surrounding your organs. Most often affected is the liver, which is what leads people to develop liver disease such as NASH (Non Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis).
But the belly fat can also affect the pancreas and lead to pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas. Besides affecting your body by damaging your organs, belly fat can also cause insulin resistance.

When you have insulin resistance, it means that your body is not able to use the insulin it produces well enough to keep your glucose levels within a healthy range. This can lead you to develop type 2 diabetes and all the risks that are associated with having that disease...

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Things That Are Making You Age Faster

Things That Are Making You Age Faster

We are beginning to get to the part of the book you have been waiting for. As stated earlier, aging is inevitable. However, there are some habits that can speed up the process.

Your genes play a vital role in the way you look and feel as you get older. Nonetheless, there are some things that have adverse impacts on your health and youthfulness. This chapter will highlight and explore them.


We cannot live without stress, especially in the modern world. However, it’s crucial that we understand how to cope with it. Failure to effectively manage stress can lead to various illnesses such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Nonetheless, it’s not a popularly known fact that stress can accelerate the aging process. Stress causes inflammation in the body, which leads to damages in various parts. It also affects skin fibers, thereby making the skin look lifeless and dull as it loses its natural luminosity.
Moreover, stress damages the cellular structure of the body. So, it causes premature aging of the cells. Due to the adverse impacts of stress on the aging process, it becomes sacrosanct to understand techniques for managing stress effectively.

Mindfulness is one of the most common methods of easing tension. This practice makes you calmer and helps you to have a clearer thinking pattern. Yoga is also a helpful practice in this regard. Incorporate this practice into your daily routine to improve your overall health and the quality of your life.

Sun Exposure and Tanning

The sun is the ultimate source of heat and light in the world. It is essential to growth and other vital processes on earth. However, excessive exposure to it can affect us in various ways. For example, the ultraviolet rays of the sun can damage the elastic fibers of the skin.

 These elastic fibers are responsible for holding the skin firm in shape. Therefore, any damage to them will lead to the sagging of the skin and other unpleasant effects. It can also lead to wrinkles appearing on the skin as it speeds up the aging process.

Therefore, you’ll be helping yourself in many important ways when you avoid exposing your skin to sunlight. Note that sunlight isn’t always harmful. For example, the sun is a source of Vitamin D. Nonetheless, it is only beneficial in the early parts of the day.

Continuous exposure to sunlight can lead to dark spots appearing on your face, hands, and other exposed part of your body... 

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Ways That You Can Build Your Mental Resilience

Ways That You Can Build Your Mental Resilience

Ways That You Can Build Your Mental Resilience

One of the biggest reasons for people giving up on a challenge in their life is because they don’t know what they need to do to solve a problem. This makes them feel overwhelmed and cuts off their ability to think clearly. With stronger mental resilience, you can tackle any problem more calmly and think clearly to come up with solutions.

In this article, we will show you some ways that you can strengthen your mental resilience. These are not difficult to do and with the right amount of practice you will achieve good results. So let’s get on with it shall we?

Mindfulness Meditation

One of the best ways to relieve yourself of the stresses and strains of modern life is to practice mindfulness meditation. This will take you away from your current thoughts by forcing you to live in the moment.

Some people think that mindfulness meditation is difficult to do but it isn’t. You can find a lot of information online about how to perform mindfulness meditation easily. It is worth the effort because it will enable you to see things a lot more clearly. With a bit of practice you will find it to be both enlightening and relaxing.


If you want to change your life for the better then we recommend that you learn the art of visualization. It will help you to imagine a brighter future. You can use visualization techniques every day for a few minutes so that you can imagine what it will be like for you when you have achieved your goals.

The key to visualization success is strong feelings. Think about how you will feel once you have accomplished your goal and make the feelings as strong as possible. What will you see when you have achieved your goal? You can find a lot of information online that will help you to achieve visualization success.

Set Challenging Goals

Determine what you really want from your life and then create challenging goals around this. You will need to take some time out to discover what you really want. Most people will never do this. Setting and achieving goals will help to develop your mental resilience.

The outcome of your goals will help you to view any challenges along the way with a different perspective. You will be motivated to overcome any challenges so that you can achieve your goals. This will help you to overcome any obstacles you encounter calmly.

Don’t Dwell in your Past

We have all made mistakes in our past. It is vital that you do not dwell on these mistakes, as many people tend to do. This will lead to a destructive negative thought spiral forming in your mind, which will severely restrict you from overcoming challenges.

Just use the past as a useful reference. If you made mistakes before then learn from them and move on. Dwelling on your past failures will weaken your mental resilience rather than strengthen it.

Consider any setbacks as temporary

You need to put things in perspective. A big problem that you have today will probably mean nothing to you next week. Accept that any challenges are just short-term tests. They are not worth elevating your stress levels over.

Benefits of Youthfulness and Good Health

Benefits of Youthfulness and Good Health

Why are we afraid of aging? There are many answers to this question. In this chapter, we will explore the benefits you stand to enjoy when you devote yourself to anti-aging techniques and healthy living. This is the penultimate chapter before we start highlighting and discussing tips that can help you slow the aging process and improve the quality of your life. The aim of this section is to give you more than enough reasons you should do all you can to commit to healthy living.

Attractive Appearance

When you compare the picture of an old person and a young individual, it is clear that you prefer to stay young and fresh. However, a youthful appearance doesn’t happen by chance, especially as you advance in age. As you grow older, your muscles will grow weaker, and the glow on your skin will grow duller. So, you will have to do more to ensure that you don’t look haggard as you grow older.

There’s such a thing as aging gracefully. It’s a situation in which you are still in good health and active despite your old age. There’s no doubt that you don’t want to be one of those elderly people that are looking haggard and frail. It gets so bad that some of their loved ones might not want them to appear in their pictures. In some backward cultures, children refer to such seniors as “witches,” especially women.

Your situation doesn’t have to be like that. Nonetheless, it’s not all about wishing that you won’t experience such ridicule and discrimination. You have to be deliberate to ensure that you appear elegant even in your old age. You will find helpful tips that can help you in this regard in the subsequent chapters...

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Belly Fat Tips for People Over 40

Belly Fat Tips for People Over 40

As you age, your body will change in many ways. One of these changes can be the way that your body holds on to weight. For those who are over 40, one of the most common places to gain and hold onto weight is the belly area.

Unfortunately, this is also one of the most dangerous places to pack on pounds. What’s worse about this change is the fact that handling it is no longer as easy as it was when you were younger and your metabolism worked better for you.

In order to achieve optimal health, you need to be able to shed your belly fat and attain a sleek midsection that can support you as you age. You may need to take a slightly different approach than your younger counterparts do to meet your goals, but it’s not impossible.

Why We Gain More Around the Waist as We Age

It’s jokingly called a “spare tire” when someone gains weight around the waist. But if you’re over 40 and you have more belly fat than you did before, there are reasons that are causing this unsightly and uncomfortable weight gain.

Some of these reasons aren’t linked to anything you did, while others are a direct link of behavior patterns. Once people reach 40 and older, they’re more inclined to gain weight.

In fact, studies show that both men and women gain weight steadily as they age. Some gain as much as 3-5 percent more each year. One of the reasons this happens to men and women is because as they age, they slow down.

They stop working as hard. They stop doing as much. It’s a natural inclination to adjust activity to match your age and energy levels. But what ends up happening is that while they may be slowing down their activity, they’re not adjusting their calorie intake.

This leads to a steady increase in weight showing up on the body and on the numbers on the scale. If you take in more calories than you need, you gain weight and it’s easier to gain the older you get.

Age causes the way the body stores fat to shift. It begins to store more fat in the abdominal area in both men and women. As you get older and decrease your activity, at the same time, your metabolism is slowing down.

This further hinders keeping the weight off because you won’t be burning calories as easily. Something else that happens has to do with hormones. Before menopause, most women don’t store fat as belly fat... 

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