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Level Up in Life with Continuing Education

Level Up in Life with Continuing Education

If you’re not satisfied with where your career is at and it’s causing you to be unhappy in your life, you should find time to expand your skills and education to become eligible for a different job, position, or even better pay.

Schedule time after your work hours are over to level up your knowledge by doing things like research or even online school or college. There are many different online options to broaden your abilities and understanding since most of the work of the modern world is done virtually.

You can also do online schooling on the weekends if you find that you don’t have time to learn after work or you feel too stressed out by trying to handle multiple things at once.

If you want to go back to college to get a different degree and possibly get a completely new job, then you need to make sure that you can handle balancing your work with school in order to be able to support yourself and your family.

Make sure that you keep your original job as a backup plan in case going back to school - online or in person - doesn’t work out in the long run and you end up having to go back to your original position.

You also might want to just level up at your workplace and get upgraded to work at a higher position. For this, you may not need to go back to school, but you will need to expand your skill set by doing lots of research on and learning the tasks of the position you want to be promoted to.

If you just want better pay from your workplace, you can just work harder and broaden your skills as you display them to your boss. Show your boss you are capable of handling a heavier workload with your newly learned abilities, and if you get more duties assigned to you, you will hopefully be eligible to secure a raise in income.

Sometimes you may feel like you’re capable of much more when it comes to the job you chose. It’s never too late to redirect your career path to a place that will make you become much happier and will grant you a higher salary.

Doing this will take practice, dedication, and time because you have to ensure that you still have a source of income to support yourself and your family while balancing school or extra research with your job.

Working from Home Lets You Set Your Own Schedule

Working from Home Lets You Set Your Own Schedule

One of the many joys of working from home is that you get to set your own schedule. Before you decide what that means for you, remember that your work is still work. The attire and location might have changed, but the responsibilities and deadlines won’t.

You need to create a schedule, regardless of what it looks like because it’s one of the keys to success. It’s also a crucial part of maintaining a work-life balance. You want success but you don’t want to give up what’s important to you outside of work, either.

A key thing to remember is that you have a total of twenty-four hours. How you choose to arrange those twenty-four hours is up to you. But during that time, how productive you are (or aren’t) will fall on your shoulders.

If you create the kind of schedule that works great for you, you’ll end up with a work day that you enjoy. There are no 100% right or wrong ways to set up a schedule. Don’t try to get it perfect right from the start.

You might put something in place for a schedule and then decide that you don’t like it. No big deal, just change it. You might end up changing your schedule a few times before you settle into one that feels right for you.

Keep in mind that everyone has what’s known as peak hours. These are the times that you feel the most alert. It’s also when you seem to get the most accomplished from your to-do list.

This is when you need to work on what’s the most imperative for your business. Handle the most pressing project during this time rather than spending the time on non-essentials such as answering emails that aren’t top priority.

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What does gratitude really mean?

What Does Gratitude Really Mean?

When you think of the word “gratitude” what comes to mind? Do you automatically think of saying thank you when someone holds the door open for you? Or feeling grateful when somebody gives you a birthday gift? While those thinks do come under the gratitude umbrella, this isn’t the kind of gratitude we’re talking about in this book.

Here, we’re talking about the transformative type of thankfulness that can totally change your life and give you a whole new perspective on the world.

Gratitude – Just A Fashionable Word?

Even if you give the idea of gratitude a little more thought than the average person, you may still fail to grasp the importance of being thankful. We hear a lot these days about being grateful – so much so, that gratitude is starting to become nothing more than just a buzz word with little or no meaning. If the whole idea of being grateful has lost all relevance to you, it’s time to look again, go back to the drawing board, and redefine the meaning of the word....

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Put an Emphasis on a Good Night’s Sleep to Perform Better at Work and Enjoy Life More

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Put an Emphasis on a Good Night’s Sleep to Perform Better at Work and Enjoy Life More

A good night’s sleep is crucial to maintaining a healthy mind and body. Not getting enough sleep will not only damage your physical health, but it’ll also damage your mental health.

When you lack a decent amount of rest, it takes a toll on your body. Not getting enough sleep can weaken your immune system, put you in danger while driving to work, cause you to have high blood pressure, put you at risk for getting diabetes, cause unhealthy weight gain, give you higher chances of having a stroke, and can even increase your chance of getting some kinds of cancer.

Your mental health also suffers when you’re always drowsy. Lacking proper rest will wreck your ability to think straight, making your work life so much harder than it needs to be.

It also makes you more likely to not be able to remember crucial details that you might need in order to write a paper or give a good presentation during a meeting. Without sleep, your mood also decreases and can make you anxious, depressed, and more likely to get annoyed easier.

If you constantly aren’t getting enough sleep, you can develop long-term anxiety, depression, and even paranoia. Not getting enough sleep affects your work life by making you unable to concentrate.

This means you’ll forget everything you heard in any meetings you went to, which will stunt your ability to get your work done in a way that meets your boss or clients’ expectations.

Sometimes it’s difficult to naturally get yourself back on a good schedule, especially if you have to stay up late for work or your family. However, there are some things that you can do during the day to help ensure that when your head hits the pillow, you won’t be restless and you’ll be able to get a full, good night’s sleep.

Try to not drink or eat anything with caffeine in it past noon, stick to your same work schedule on weekends and holidays to make sure you don’t get off track, don’t go on your phone or computer before bed, and try to spend about an hour or so before bed doing relaxing activities like reading, taking a nice bath, or even doing some meditation.

Getting a good night’s sleep will not only benefit your ability to be a stronger worker, but it will also keep you healthy both mentally and physically. Try different methods to see what works for you in order to be able to go to bed at a normal hour depending on when you need to wake up for work.

Focus on What You Want Instead of What You Hope to Avoid

Focus on What You Want Instead of What You Hope to Avoid


When you’re working towards setting a goal, you should focus on the positive side of it rather than the negative part you’re getting rid of by achieving that goal. Focusing on the positive is more inspiring and will help you achieve your goal in a faster, more upbeat manner.                                  

One example of focusing on the positives of your goal is going on vacation with your family. While trying to reach this goal, you might be thinking about the fact that when you finally take them somewhere, they’ll stop complaining about never getting to go on vacation.

Instead of having this mindset, think about how much fun you and your family will have together. Weight loss is another good example - instead of focusing on diseases you might get from being overweight, or things you can’t do because of your weight, focus on how good it’ll feel to be fit and energetic while looking your best.

In your work life, if you want a higher salary, you have to work harder. Instead of setting your goal being focused on not being able to do things such as go on vacations, shop for new clothes, or anything else you’d want to splurge on, focus on how nice it’ll be to be able to do these things.

Set your goals based on things that you want, but make sure they’re not created just so you can stop something else from happening. Don’t set a goal to work harder because someone else wants you to - do it for yourself.

Do these things for what you want in life, because if you work so hard to please someone else, you’ll never have true satisfaction. While you’re setting goals for yourself, whether they have to do with your personal life or your work life, make sure you’re focused on what good things will come out of achieving your goal.

If you decide to do something to avoid something bad, you’re immediately associating your goals with bad things. This will make you more stressed about achieving the things you want and will strip your happiness away if you don’t have immediate results.

If you focus on the positives, you’ll be more inspired to get what you want and you’ll feel more empowered by your mindset rather than if you’re focused on the bad things about yourself that you want to change. Focusing on the negatives will only make you feel worse about yourself, and you won’t feel as motivated by tearing yourself down.


How the Work at Home Concept Has Evolved Over Time

How the Work at Home Concept Has Evolved Over Time

Years ago, there were classified ads in magazines offering people the opportunity to work from home stuffing envelopes. These announcements got a lot of attention because many people loved the idea of working from home and making money.

The promise of quick and easy money seemed like a dream come true. But the ads weren’t true. This was a scam designed to take advantage of people who wanted to be able to stay at home and yet still afford to pay their bills.

As time passed, work from home scams cropped up everywhere, so it made people skeptical. They were afraid that if something sounded too good to be true, then it was. With scam work at home jobs, this is definitely true.

However, at the same time these scams were popping up, so were legitimate work from home opportunities. These legitimate jobs could be the answer that you’re looking for and there are hundreds of jobs that you can do right from your own home.

The route that you take to create your work at home job depends on how you want to set it up. If you have a job that you currently enjoy, you could approach your boss and ask if there’s an opportunity for you to telecommute.

If you’re new at the company, you might not be someone chosen to work from home if there’s yet to be a track record of what you’re capable of producing yet. Many bosses worry that if they let an employ telecommute, the projects might not get finished on time.

They fear that there might be too many interruptions or that employees who worked at home might claim more hours of work time than they actually did. There simply isn’t a lot of trust and because of that, it isn’t common for many businesses to offer work at home jobs...

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Stop Saying You’ll Do the Things You Love “Someday”

decrease the stress

Stop Saying You’ll Do the Things You Love “Someday”

Everyone loves the idea of traveling or taking time off of work to do things you enjoy. However, there are some people who do nothing but dream and talk about what they’re going to do, but rarely do it.

Most people excuse this by saying that they want to work hard now to enjoy the things they want to do later in life, but it’s important that you do what you want to when you have an opportunity.

Many working parents always say that they’ll take time off to spend time with their children after they’re done with a project. Before you know it, the workload keeps piling up and you’ll always be able to find an excuse for something you need to get done.

Time flies by and next thing you know all of your kids are grown up with families of their own, too busy with their own lives to spend time with you. Every once in awhile, everyone needs to take some time to travel and get away from their home.

Don’t hold off on travelling if you don’t have to, because if you hold off for too long, you may be at an age where you don’t feel up to going to any of the places you’ve always wanted to go to.

Put in as much effort to your relationships, both romantic and platonic, as you are with your work. Maintaining a close knit circle of friends will increase your happiness. However, if you’re putting work before them, they’ll feel like you don’t value their friendship and you and your circle will grow apart.

This also goes for any significant other, as they’ll also want to distance themselves from you if they feel unimportant to you. No matter what’s going on with work, they should also be a priority in your life.

Making sure that you take time to do the things that you want to do in life is important to your overall happiness. Use your vacation days to go after things that you want to do, whether that means dividing up your days to spend them with family and friends, going on a date night with your significant other, or traveling somewhere that you’d enjoy going.

If you work hard to be able to afford the luxuries you want, but never go after obtaining them, then there’s no point to spending so much time working. You can’t take money to the grave, so balance your earnings out with the enjoyment it can provide for you.

Could a New Job Deliver More in Terms of Personal Satisfaction?

Could a New Job Deliver More in Terms of Personal Satisfaction?

Sometimes you follow a career path thinking that it’d be best for you in terms of happiness and income. However, after time, you could realize that your job choice is constricting your ability to be truly happy and stress-free.

The best way to combat this is to try to pursue a new career path. If you are working for a company and you still want to work with them, you could try working in a new department.

Maybe if you’re in a higher position of power, you could find a comparable position to transfer to, doing a completely new job for the company by taking on a new position in a different department. 
You may feel that you chose the wrong company to work with completely. If this is the case, try applying to multiple companies that work within the same profession you chose.

While doing this, keep your original job so that you have a financial support system if your job applications don’t get accepted anywhere else. It’s possible that you might be looking back and regretting your occupation choice completely.

The good news is that there’s always time to change your career. You might have to go back to college and get educated in that subject and change your degree. However, while you make your plan to change your career, you need to make sure you stay at your job as a safety net in case things don’t work out.

This way, you’re making sure that you’re maintaining a stable income while following your passion. If you don’t want to go back to school, or work for another company, you could always become an entrepreneur for your chosen topic.

For example, if you love gardening but don’t know how to make a career out of it, you could make your own website and have your customers pay you to teach them how to garden by selling them digital information courses.

You could also start your own business selling products that you make, like coloring books or crafts on Etsy. There’s no reason to suppress your happiness and stress yourself out by staying at a job that you don’t enjoy.

There are so many options for you to achieve true happiness by following your passion, even if it takes time to go back to school. If you’re feeling stressed, make sure you avoid desperation when choosing a new employment path while keeping a safety net of your current job to maintain your revenue.

Getting the Curcumin You Need from Food Alone Is (Really) Hard

Getting the Curcumin You Need from Food Alone Is (Really) Hard
So, wait… what about trying to get all the curcumin you need from food sources, such as the turmeric you find on spice shelves in stores or even fresh turmeric?

Well, first of all, you'd have to eat a LOT of it – like every single day.

How much, you ask?

Consider that dry turmeric powder is only about 3% curcumin by weight. That means to get a typical dose of 500mg of curcumin, you'd have to consume over 16 GRAMS of turmeric powder, which equates to about 4 teaspoons!

I'm not sure if you've ever tried adding turmeric powder to recipes, but a little bit goes a LONG way when it comes to taste.

And even then, these food sources of turmeric have the SAME poor absorbability issues as the turmeric/curcumin in most supplements!

Furthermore and unfortunately, as worldwide demand for turmeric has skyrocketed, modern-day mass-agriculture has indeed taken HUGE shortcuts in turmeric production... with devastating consequences.

Instead of the ancient turmeric cultivation methods that resulted in a truly rare and ultra-healthy spice, many today are using GMOs, chemical fertilizers, and other unnatural products.

The soil is being abused via chemicals and other mass-farming processes. Some are also farming near highly urban or industrial areas where there is dirty air.

All this and other "industrial farming" short-cuts are resulting in turmeric / curcumin that can potentially pose serious health risks.

If you're seeking a turmeric that actually provides your body all of curcumin's powerful benefits, the bottom line – one more time – is to make certain it lists the clean and highly effective CurcuWIN® on the label...

The One Essential Type of Curcumin You Need

The One Essential Type of Curcumin You Need
Point blank: If you don't absorb curcumin – and all the other beneficial compounds found in turmeric – you're not going to reap the cascade of expected health benefits.

Now, the addition of BioPerine® (black pepper extract) has been shown to modestly increase the bioavailability of curcumin.

However, while that's a small step in the right direction, it pales in comparison to a recently-discovered natural enhancement technology that has been shown to:

Dramatically enhance absorption in the body
Keep levels of this powerful compound elevated in the body longer
That's right – this turmeric supercharger leads to better AND longer-lasting curcumin action.

The key lies in the novel, powerful "UltraSOL Nutrient Delivery System."

This is a patented technology that combines a pristine turmeric extract – which provides curcumin as well as all the other curcumin-like compounds (called curcuminoids) of this ancient herb precisely as Mother Nature intended – with natural antioxidants in a water-soluble carrier.

You see, powders like turmeric extracts typically "clump" when they're combined with liquids, especially water. (And as you probably remember from high-school biology, your body is 60% water.)

This "clumping" reduces functionality and your ability to tap into all the amazing compounds in turmeric.

UltraSOL was specifically geared to address this problem – and more importantly, the difficult absorption with curcumin – by actually increasing the dispersibility of curcuminoids (which also tend to clump when dried) allowing for enhanced bioavailability.

Plus, it does not contain the highly toxic solvent called EDC found in so many turmeric/curcumin supplements.

So, what does this mean in clear and direct terms?

The UltraSOL curcumin enhancement system solves the big absorption problem by GREATLY increasing solubility – which, therefore, preserves curcumins' actions in the body.

And that means FAR greater absorption than other curcumin formulations… and that in turn means an open door to dramatically increased results!

Considering the dramatic difference that the UltraSOL Nutrient Delivery System makes in bioavailability, it's only fitting that the breakthrough formulation featuring this system be called CurcuWIN®.

So, the BOTTOM LINE you really need to know?

If you actually want to experience all the remarkable benefits that turmeric can provide – and do so safely – be 100% certain you're consuming CurcuWIN® and it's clearly stated on the label....