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Preparing Your Life for Micro Mindful Habits

Preparing Your Life for Micro Mindful Habits

Mindfulness is all about living life with intention. Most people never even explore or understand what they want to do. They simply go through each day making quick decisions without careful thought.

Later, they suffer regrets and wish that they’d done things differently. They could have, if they’d slowed down and practiced mindfulness. It might take a little longer as you’re learning how to do it, but once you know how, it becomes a normal part of the process, so it speeds up for you.

Think about your intentions in life for whatever it is you want to improve. Don’t just wake up every day and go to work – think about where you want to be a year from now. Instead of living in a house with a spouse who feels like a roommate, think about your intentions for a healthy marriage and what that looks like.

Know ahead of time what your health goals are, your financial dreams and so on. When you spend a little time mapping out your intentions, it makes the decision-making process easier...

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