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Reduce Your Anxiety With These Healthy Habits

Everybody deals with some sort of anxiety, whether it is general, everyday anxiety, or you have a condition like generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). The problem with anxiety is that it can cripple you, sap your motivation, and make it very difficult to work on improving your life. Here are some tips for getting a better handle on your anxiety.

Put a Stop to Caffeine and Alcohol

If you are struggling with anxiety, the first thing you should do is stop bad habits that tend to trigger it. This can be helpful for anyone, but especially people with anxiety disorder or panic attack disorders. You probably know that there is caffeine in your coffee (even a small amount in decaf) and soft drinks, but did you know many teas also have caffeine? There are also even more surprising sources of caffeine, such as in chocolate, ice cream, and even weight loss pills. Caffeine is a major contributor to anxiety and panic attacks, so try to reduce your caffeine consumption now.

Alcohol can also be a very bad habit. You might use alcohol as a way of dealing with your anxiety and stressful life, but while it covers it up temporarily, it is hurting more than helping in the long-term. Since alcohol is a depressant, once you are sober, it makes you feel worse. This starts a really dangerous downward spiral.

Start Fueling Your Body With Healthy Foods

Now that you have eliminated the caffeine and alcohol, it is time to re-think the foods you eat. You want to be as healthy as possible if you are going to battle anxiety the natural way. Once your anxiety is taken care of, you will be ready to improve your life in other ways. Start by replacing bad foods with good ones. Get rid of all the cookies, chips, and processed foods in your refrigerator and pantry. Replace it with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.

Encourage Endorphins With Regular Exercise

With nearly every issue you have in your life, you will notice that exercise is often recommended. There is a reason for this! Not only does exercise help with metabolism, energy, and weight loss, but the endorphins you get can help improve your mood. These endorphins also help to reduce your overall stress and anxiety. If you are feeling anxious or feel a panic attack coming on, re-focus your mind and body by going for a walk. The fresh air and body movement can really help you.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress Triggers

There are certain triggers that can increase your anxiety and panic attacks. You need to know what they are, then try to avoid them. Many of these are personal, so it helps to log your anxiety and panic attacks in a journal, then look back on it after a week or two to see where the similarities are. You might have increased anxiety when you are driving, have social anxiety, or deal with panic attacks when you are participating in a certain activity.

By choosing healthy ways of getting rid of your anxiety, you are improving your mental and physical health, while also working on practical self-improvement methods.